BB_DY23.1_500778853.jpgDay 23 of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION was filled with confrontation, romance – and sheep! On Sunday, Paloma told Itai that she felt betrayed by him when he didn’t keep his word. The next day, Itai told Big Brother that he was struggling with the tension in the house caused by the immorality that surrounds alliances. He felt like his alliance with the girls had no loyalty and wasn’t sure who to trust.

After his attempts to make amends with Paloma failed on Monday, he finally made his decision about who he is going to support and nominated Paloma and Liz. On Tuesday morning, Itai re-iterated his loyalty to Yacob and the twins, claiming that it is not about the money for him, but rather about true friendship. The drama continues!

The housemates were handed their task on Tuesday, one which will surely push their endurance to the limit. Without knowing it, their task had actually started as soon as they woke up on Tuesday and will continue until they end their presentation on Thursday evening. Although the task has numerous components, the challenge is to not fall asleep during Big Brother’s “waking hours”. Big Brother decided that all housemates may sleep for a maximum of 4 hours on Tuesday night and 5 hours on Wednesday night.

Big Brother supplied the materials to transform each and every housemate into a unique sheep. After lunch, the housemates were required to create a farmyard environment – and after dinner, each housemate had to jump a fence 100 times – dressed as a sheep! On completion of each sheep’s 100 leaps, all other sheep are required to “Baaaaaaaa”. After the housemates were finished “Counting Sheep”, the Head of House lead the sheep in a game of “Simon Says”, followed by a session of ghost stories by candle-light. After that, each housemate sang a soothing lullaby to the group, after which they had to each jump the fence 30 times. Only after that could they go to bed! BB_DY23.3_739583960.jpg

Emma and Jeremy have agreed to just be friends for now, but relationships have bloomed in the house around them – Hannington and Mzamo shared time together early on Tuesday, Yacob has his eye on Liz, and Liz confided in Paloma that she is pining for evictee Phil!

Meanwhile the diary sessions yielded some fascinating insights into life in the house – Emma talked to Big Brother about her fight with Nkenna and Kaone, Jeremy told Big Brother that he doesn’t like Liz and Nkenna’s attitude. He says Liz takes advantage of people and doesn’t think about people’s feelings before she does anything. Quinn coined a new word: ‘Sheepy’, which means ‘everything is good’. He thinks that everything in the house is going well, but pointed out that the girls are no longer as close as they were when they first met the guys.

Tune in to DStv Channel 198 or 199 to catch the intrigue live 24/7, or watch the highlights shows on M-Net (DStv Channel 101/102) and AfricaMagic (DStv Channel 114).

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