Enhance your assets by choosing the proper outfit for your cleavage……………

*Wear bras with underwire and structured sponge cups to give your boobs a boost and provide extra Oomph and definition!

*V-neck tops/dresses offer support for full breast and shows the right amount for cleavage as well as gives you the freedom to wear your bra.

*Halter design with pleating at the bust adds volume to your boobs and gives the illusion of bigger boobs- if you need it..

*If you choose to go strapless, try the sweetheart neck style. This tends to fake a more voluptuous bust line coz the dip in the middle seems to cradle the girls in the right place!

* Avoid extra tight fitting strapless outfits as they tend to flatten your boobs and causes side spillage under your armpits.

*Be careful on how you expose your cleavage. A SEXY cleavage is one that goes halfway………save the mystery!!! I feel like I need to repeat that… halfway!!!


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