6% of British women say they've never had sex while sober

drink_4055986_226910909.jpg September 24,

This survey took place in the UK, and we don’t know if the results would be similar here in the States.  But we’d be interested to find out . . .

According to a survey of 3,000 ladies, the average woman has had sex with EIGHT men.  And she was hammered when she did it with at least FIVE of them.

In fact, the average woman was so wasted with TWO of those guys that she couldn’t even remember his name the next morning. 

Overall, 49% of women say they prefer being plastered during sex.

14% of women in relationships say they can’t even bear the thought of having sex with their man unless they’ve had a few drinks.

And more than ONE in 20 women . . . or 6% . . . say they’ve NEVER had sex when they were sober.  (???) 


(Daily Mail)

Okay, we’re pretty skeptical of this survey.  First of all, if the average woman has only had sex with eight guys in her lifetime…?  We have to wonder if these broads are just so hideous that the only time anyone would ever do it with them is if there’s lots of booze floating around.  Thoughts?


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