Day 18 of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION saw the housemates spend almost as much time discussing politics as they did polishing their Thriller video task. Kaone and Geraldine spent some time in the morning talking strategy.  He chided her for being too quiet and encouraged her to ‘come out’ – he reminded her that the game is outside the house and that she needs to show viewers her personality.

The tension between Kristal and Rene came to a head on Wednesday after a few rocky days, during which Kristal suspected Rene of nominating her – after they had gotten along so well in the Palace. When the blowout revealed that Rene had nominated Jen and not Kristal, normal service resumed and they spent the morning sitting in the garden, laughing like old friends.

Meanwhile Jen called Paloma into the Palace and burst into tears, announcing that she would be leaving the house. As the conversation continued, Jen told Paloma she wanted to tell the rest of the housemates about leaving – and Paloma concurs.

Later on, Paloma told the rest of the girls that one of them needed to get the Head of House title for next week if any of them are to make it through the next nomination and eviction unscathed. She reminds them that Kevin will be very popular with the viewers right now, as he’s been great entertainment for them – clearly her chat with Kevin a few days ago has opened her mind to the possibilities of including some of the men in their alliance.

Jeremy and Nkenna had a debate about whether or not they can trust some of the other boys. He told her that the alliances are not about men vs women, although that’s what it currently looks like. He also told her that he knows that some of the male housemates are feeling very insecure of their positions in the house and they are plotting against the female housemates.

 Liz talked to Big Brother about the women’s conversation with Rene. Paloma, Liz, and Jen had confronted her about lying to them about who she nominated. Rene confessed that she did not tell Jen that she nominated her because she did not want to hurt her feelings. Jen was not at all impressed and told Rene that she does not want to talk to her anymore.

 The housemates have been hard at work on their Thriller video task – and on Thursday, presented it to Africa. To say that it rocked would be an understatement, with Kevin and Elizabeth leading the charge and creating an unforgettable tribute to the King of Pop. Big Brother was impressed with their contribution and when it was announced that they had won their wager – 100% – Paloma leapt into the pool to celebrate!

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