The N96 sensation

nokia_n96_mobile_review_334333833.jpgSeptember 24,

If you haven’t heard of Nokia’s N-series of phones by now…you must clearly have been living under a very large rock… down under!

The N96 is an upgrade from the N95 and appeals to both the young, social being in us, and the discerning business type. The feature that stands out is the easy to use Mobile TV, a great addition that allows you to watch your favourite sports and entertainment programmes via DSTV -any time, anywhere. I have found it particularly handy during the power rationing, as I have not had to miss any of the Premier League games… or Big Brother.

The N96 has all the features (and more), that you would expect from a Nokia. These include a 5 mega pixel VGA camera, that allows video calling, downloads your favourite music videos and music, AND records your favourite football highlights… all this, naturally, while you’re in a business meeting, so you don’t have to wait.

The phone also has a self portrait feature on the camera. Check your make-up out before a date! Fast download speeds are achieved with its 3G upgrade, and thereby easy access to the Web to check out emails. FM radio, MP3 and MP4 playback options let you keep your music up to date and easily accessible.
For the bsuines type, the N96  offers a mind blowing 128 MB RAM, acess to OVI mail and allows you to download major files either directly from the Web or using a USB port. Check out the A-GPS navigation, using Nokia maps, and you’ll never get lost… whether abroad or at home. And with a 16GB internal flash memory, you can take office files with you at the touch of a button. The bluetooth feature is discreet, and perfect for use both in the office or while driving. And speaking about driving, the N-96 is all set to keep you entertained in traffic, with its cool games!

The N96 gets a nod of approval from us at Capital FM for or its quick, easy  and user friendly navigation. Battery life may vary with usage and is limited, but that is the only draw back. The fun part is being constantly pleasantly surprised by the phone’s numerous features! You could actually read the manual, but where’s the fun in that!

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