Meet Rae, the red hot rebel at 98.4 Capital FM!

She hosted the hottest rock show in Nairobi, along with DJ CK (aka, business man and mogul, Chris Kirubi) and Tina. Although Rae joined Capital FM in May 2008, she has proved to be a (pardon the pun) rock-solid hit, both to her fans and rock lovers. Capital Lifestyle recently caught up with prior presenter of “The Fuse,” now turned Breakfast show presenter at Capital FM in Nairobi.

Capital Lifestyle: Did you have a passion for rock music before joining “The Fuse” or did it come with the job?
Rae:  I think it comes with the job. I love all sorts of music, but before, I had no need to focus on a certain genre. So when I started doing “The Fuse” I realized how special rock music is. No matter what I do, I will always have a passion for rock music.  For some reason rock and I sort of clicked.

Capital Lifestyle:
What’s your favorite rock band…and why?
Rae:  I don’t have a favorite rock band. There are so many to choose from! It’s funny that I hated ‘Nickleback’ coz of their earliest stuff, but their latest album, “Dark Horse” totally blew me away.

Capital Lifestyle: Do you think rock has a huge listenership in Kenya, compared to other genres like Hip Hop and RnB?
Rae:  I think rock has a very dedicated listenership. People who love rock will always love rock. But I think there are people who are more into soft pop rock, and artists like Katie Perry. A true lover of rock can listen to Iron Maiden, you want to know whose fighting who now or whether other fights have stopped… the rock world is always full of controversy!

Capital Lifestyle: What is the profile of a rock listener?
Rae: I think they are very diverse. I know guys who are in their 50s and 60s and still listen to rock from Bon Jovi to Kings of Leon, which is a new rock band. The thing about it is that it can be so messy –like the cults that are associated to it, which is the freaky side to it. But then there are a lot of Christian rock bands like Jars Of Clay, who visited Kenya a while back. So the scope within rock is huge.

Capital Lifestyle: I bet many listeners find you random and unpredictable…does this translate to your true character?
Rae: I don’t know! I think many people find me ‘random’. But I think am very blunt –I don’t hide who I am on air, just to please anybody.

Capital Lifestyle: What do you think is the most common misconception about you?
Rae: That I am sort of wild and psychotic!

Capital Lifestyle: But isn’t that true!
Rae: Noooo!!! This is the thing, I don’t club 24/7, I don’t smoke, I’m not a huge drinker, I don’t do drugs… I do love tattoos, but I’ve only got ONE. So I’m relatively tame. I would rather stay at home and read a book, than go out to club! I suppose it’s of sort of an oxymoron when it comes to the job that I do and the kind of music I have come to love. I think it’s one of the facets of a wonderful personality, really!

Capital Lifestyle: Seriously –what do you do on weekends?
Rae: I’m really boring! I stay at home and play with my dogs

Capital Lifestyle: Like any “rock-head” would ask -Do you really have a tattoo? And where on your body is it? And what does it signify?”
Rae:  My tattoo is on my neck, and it’s a spider. People have made references to black widow spiders and what they do. But I was just looking through the tattoos book and loved the design. Spiders are something many people fear… including me! But for me, it is like a balance –to conquer my fears.

Capital Lifestyle: When did you get your tattoo?
Rae:  At 18 years!

Capital Lifestyle: How did you discover you had talent for radio?
Rae:  That is funny. I went to university to study Law, which I did for a year and a half. I also studied philosophy at the same time, but then decided it was far too much hard work! I then got myself into a journalism programme, where I specialized in print media and broadcast… Unfortunately, I was not able to complete my studies in SA, so I came back home and I did media studies at USIU!

Capital Lifestyle: What a journey! And now it’s been over a year at Capital Fm!
 Rae:  Yup! Since early May last year! But I don’t consider myself a celebrity yet. Those who have made and are making it in this business have had a lot of experience in changing, creating, and growing as people –and have probably endured a lot. I’m only just beginning!

Capital Lifestyle: What is your biggest turn-off, in a person?
Rae:   If they lie… and if they smell bad in general. In short, a B.O-saturated liar!

Capital Lifestyle: If you were ever arrested for a serious crime, what would it be?
Rae: Murder.

Capital Lifestyle: What is your most expensive or valued asset?
Rae: Two things. My grandmothers ring that I always wear and a necklace from my auntie who passed away, I have had it since I was 5 years.

Tune into 98.4 Capital FM Monday to Friday 6am-10am to experience Rae, the red hot rebel!



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