“Hawayu” yanked off air

Eric_Omondi_666611191.jpgSeptember 23,

The show “Hawayu”, that was being broadcasted by the Kenya Television Network every Wednesday, is now off-air.

Inside sources said that it was yanked off air because of poor ratings since its inception a few months ago. Sources say that only 13 out 52 episodes of the “Hawayu” shows have been aired.

The host of the show, Eric Omondi, confirmed that the show has gone off-air, and added that he was not in a rush to get it back on-air.

Omondi started the show on the wrong footing, when he clashed with his mentor, Churchill, over the usage of the phrase “Hawayu” that is a corruption of phrase “How are you?”

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  1. kipruto muthemba January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    Thats the greatest thing KTN has done for Kenyans this coming week, bravo KTN for seeing the light b4 it was no more….


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