The world’s first motion-activated headphones

Sony_headphones_145027324.jpgSeptember 21 – (Relaxnews)

Sony has created of the world’s first motion-activated headphones that function without the need to push buttons.

Listening to music on your mobile phone and accepting calls no longer has to interrupt your fingers announced Sony on September 21. Sony’s Motion Activated Headphones MH907 can answer a call and pause music while in play.

The headphones utilise Sony Ericsson’s SensMe Control technology to detect a user’s actions without them needing to touch a button.

To play music, the user places both earbuds into their ear. To answer a call or to pause music the user removes one earbud from their ear. Placing the earbud back into position will end the call and start the music playing again.

“With the MH907 consumers can pocket their phone but still stay connected all day, every day by simply plugging in or removing their earbuds – there is no need for a remote control or any buttons,” said Jacob Sten, senior vice president, SEMC Accessories.

“At Sony Ericsson we think it is very important to listen to what our customer needs and introducing the world’s first ever motion activated headphones highlights our commitment to offer our customers a complete Communications Entertainment experience. The MH907 supports our realigned brand strategy, which aims to build a fun, playful and inclusive interaction with consumers.”

The headphones will come in either a yellow and white combination or in titan chrome and will weigh about 25 g. The headphones are compatible with most Sony Ericsson phones that have a fast port connector.

The headphones will be available globally during the week of September 21 and will be priced at €39.00.

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