Storymoja at The Nairobi International Bookfair @ Sarit, 24th – 25th September

Story_Moja_190943125.jpgThe News is..

Budding Authors Session

 2006 Caine Prize Nominee Muthoni Garland leads a session for all who wants to get tips about writing and how to gat published at a minimum fee of Ksh.500. On 24th Sept 09 from 9am to 11am,

Wasee Waseeeee

A very exciting mchongoano challenge that will see the winner walk away with Ksh.5,000. It will be led by Joshua Muraya, a runner up at the 2007 Storymoja Storytelling competition on 25th Sept 09 at 11.30am

Cut Off My Tongue and Living Memories Skits

Skits from ‘Cut Off My Tongue’, a set of poetry about everything Kenyan written by Sitawa Namwalie and Living Memories, an insightful and humourous anthology of true stories as told to Al Kags by ordinary people who lived through the Mau Mau pre-independence period will be performed on 25th Sept 09 at 12.30pm

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