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Erastus_753839537.jpgSeptember 22,

Uganda’s Phil and Nambia’s Erastus are up from eviction from M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION this week after an intense nomination process (Monday 21 September, 20:00 CAT) – the first the men and women have shared. Once the nomination votes were tallied, it seemed as though Sunday night’s unveiling of the Twin Twist to the male housemates had put Edward and Erastus in the firing line as they garnered the most votes – 13 and 7 respectively.

Kevin, as Head of House, had the ability to influence the nominations once completed and after an afternoon spent in thought, told Big Brother that he had decided to replace Edward with Phil. Nobody in the house except Kevin knows this, of course, so Edward and Erastus will spend the next week pondering their fate, before Big Brother reveals on Sunday that Phil is up for eviction in Edward’s place.

The men’s nominations ran along alliance lines, with Yacob’s nomination session seemingly indicating that the “Smokers’ Alliance” want Jeremy and Quinn out of the way. The non-smokers seem to have decided on Phil and Edward, judging from Jeremy, Leonel and Kevin’s nominations. The women mostly nominated Edward and Erastus because, as Paloma and Liz indicated, they are apparently disrespectful towards women. 

Kristal nominated Emma and Leonel, because Leonel was not bonding with the female housemates and because Emma’s attitude seems to have soured in the last couple of days. Rene didn’t want to nominate her countrymen Edward and Erastus, so she pulled Kristal aside for advice. After their discussion, she ended up putting Leonel’s name forward for the same reason Kristal gave, and Jennifer’s because her friendship with Liz has alienated her from the rest of the women.

When Big Brother announced that Edward and Erastus were up for eviction, the news was met with disbelief and nervous laughter as some Housemates wondered if Big Brother was still playing a game on them. One of the Housemates asked the twins “Are you in on this?”
The announcement made Jeremy realise how much power the female housemates have. Sitting with a shocked Quinn, he starts doing the maths and adds up that Erastus and Edward were mostly nominated by the women. Jeremy tells Quinn that if they are not careful, the girls are going to get rid of all of them. Yacob shared a similar sentiment earlier that the women will “chew them up and spit them out”.

Meanwhile voting to keep your favourite Big Brother Revolution housemate in the house couldn’t be easier. There are four ways to vote this season –

Via the website at,
By visiting the WAP site on your WAP-enabled phone or via MXIT.
You can also vote by texting your favourite housemate/s name to the appropriate number for your country,

To vote via text message, send the word VOTE followed by the name of YOUR FAVOURITE housemate, to the number for your country below. Text messages are charged per specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. You can vote 100 times by text per mobile number during each voting period.

                        Shortcode                  Tarrif

Unitel              15626                          US$ 0.50     

Mascom        16626                          P 2.50
Orange         16626                          P 2.50
BE MOBILE     16626                          P 2.50
Ethiopia          +2783142100413       Intl. SMS rates apply             

Areeba/ MTN  1477                          GHC 0.60
vodafone          1477                          GHC 0.60
Kasapa              1477                          GHC 0.60
Tigo                    1477                          GHC 0.60     

Safaricom     5626                            Kes 30
Zain                 5626                            Kes 30

Zain               15626                          US$ 0.40
Telkom        15626                          US$ 0.50

Vodacom     99026                          MT 15.00
Mcel               99026                          MT 15.00

MTC              15626                          N$ 3.00
CellOne       15626                          N$ 3.00
Telecom     15626                          N$ 3.00

MTN                    34350                          N 75
Celtel                   34350                          N 75
Glo                        34350                          N 75
Glo                        34701                          N 75
Zoom Mobile     34701                         N 75

Vodacom   15726              Tsh 600
Celtel           15726              Tsh 600
Tigo              15726              Tsh 600

South Africa 
Vodacom         34626                          R 2.00
MTN                   34626                          R 2.00
CellC                  34626                          R 2.00

UTL                 6626                            Ugx 1000
Zain                6626                            Ugx 1000
MTN                6626                            Ugx 1000
Warid              6626                            Ugx 1000

Zain                15626                          ZK 2100
MTN                15626                          ZK 2000

Econet           15626                          US$ 0.50

Rest of Africa             +2783142100414       Intl. SMS rates apply

Voting begins immediately after the Nomination show on M-Net (DStv Channel 101/2) on Monday nights. Voting closes at 06:00 CAT on the following Sunday morning. Find out who has received the least number of votes and will be evicted by watching the Eviction Show on Sunday nights.

Big Brother Revolution is screened 24/7 live on DStv Channel 198 or 199.  Also look out for Big Brother programs on M-Net (DStv channel 101/102) and AfricaMagic (DStv channel 114). Viewers can also stay up-to-date with the latest news by logging on to

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