Edna and Maggie evicted moments after the men and women meet!

Edna_564636302.jpgSeptember 22,

The second eviction show of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION (Sunday 20 September, live at 19:00 CAT) produced joy and drama in equal measure as the Twin Twist was revealed, the men met the women and Angola’s Edna and Zambia’s Maggie were evicted. Within minutes, the men had broken down the wall between the house and the Palace, had the Twin Twist revealed to them, met the 12 female housemates and then seen two of them eliminated – quite a rollercoaster!

It all began when IK opened the exciting Sunday show by reminding viewers about Big Brother’s promise to the twins – if they managed to fool their housemates, they would be allowed to compete as individuals.  Nigeria’s Sasha and Mozambique’s Dama do Bling then got the party started with a powerful duet before IK took viewers through an insert on the ladies’ first 7 days in the Palace, reminding them that the game was about survival of the smartest – not the fittest.
Viewers were then given a taste of what Uganda thinks of the REVOLUTION before being shown what Teddy – evicted first last week – had gotten up to since leaving the house. “I’m not sure why I was evicted,” he said. “Was it because I let loose?” He said that the early nomination had thrown him, which meant that he concentrated more on what everyone else was doing in the house instead of relaxing. “The conspiring is brilliant this year,” he said. “It leads to many sleepless nights!” When he gets home, he can’t wait to cultivate his interest in media and radio, but insists that he’ll still be ‘in the house’ – “because I can’t concentrate on anything else apart from what’s going to transpire.”

Botswana then weighed in with their thoughts on the REVOLUTION before viewers got the chance to review the men’s past 7 days in the house and the tension created by their Bootcamp task.

Kenyans were interviewed about their thoughts on the game so far this year, before Wayoe got his chance to speak about life after eviction. He told the continent it was an “interesting house” and that he had hoped to go further in the game. He said that the Twin Twist was a smart move on the part of the producers and said that now that he had been evicted, he hoped to pursue a career in investigative journalism in Ghana.

After an update from the twins about the way they had kept their twist secret from their housemates, Sasha performed “Making Money” before IK took viewers inside the house to see what Big Brother had in store for the two sets of housemates.

The men were told to open the ‘gift’ waiting for them on the table. Inside it, they found a screwdriver, piece of chalk and a hammer. Big Brother issued them with instructions to draw a line around the “Lovelution” poster next to the store room, unscrew it, stow it in the storeroom and break down the wall behind it. After the housemates had scrambled to unscrew the poster with the screwdriver, knives and anything they could lay their hands on, Jeremy smashed down the wall – and the one behind it – with the hammer, leading the screaming housemates into the Palace – and face-to-face with Erastus!

After a moment’s confusion, Big Brother told them about the Twin Twist and how Edward and Erastus were now eligible to play the game as individuals – as a reward for duping the housemates for weeks. Disbelief was the order of the day as the housemates stared at Edward, then Erastus, and back again and the reason behind Edward’s apparent forgetfulness finally dawned on them all.

They didn’t have too much time to consider the latest twist, as Big Brother ordered them out into the garden. Seconds later, the blinds in the glass house rolled up slowly, revealing the female housemates. Both groups screamed and started jumping around as Big Brother told the women they could leave the glass house, with the groups meeting for the first time, sharing hugs and introductions.

Big Brother then brought an end to their excitement by ordering them all back into the lounge – with the prospect of eviction still looming for the ladies’. As tension built, IK broke the news – Angola’s Edna was the first woman to be evicted from the REVOLUTION.

Joining IK outside, she told Africa that she had made peace with the prospect of being evicted. “All of us were nervous and we expected that two or more of us would come out,” she said. IK asked if she felt she would have played the game differently if there had been men in the house from the start. “No,” she replied. “I was myself and I wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

As she left the stage, IK broke the news to the housemates that a second woman would be evicted. After a brief pause, he broke the news that Zambia’s Maggie would be the second housemate evicted.

Once all the hugs and goodbyes were completed, Maggie joined IK on stage. “Are you surprised?” he asked. “I don’t know yet,” she said. “I expected anything – I’m just myself, anything goes these days.” She told IK that she wouldn’t have changed anything about her time in the house and would have played the game in exactly the same way. When he asked who she thought would win BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION, no specific names came to mind. “I hope it will be a girl this time, though!” she said.

A tough week awaits the housemates. How will the men and women bond? What tasks lie ahead? And with another nomination looming so soon after the integration of the housemates, who will be leaving next week?

BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION is broadcast live, 24/7 on DStv Channel 198 or199 for the next 77 days. Audiences can also tune in to M-Net (DStv channel 101/102) for highlights shows while Africa Magic (DStv channel 114) will also update viewers with re-screenings of the program. Viewers can also stay up-to-date with the latest news by logging on to www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother.

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