Has Sisqo fathered a Kenyan child?

Jamila_Farid_768339432.jpgSeptember 18,

A Kenyan-born woman is accusing American RnB singer Sisquo of ‘denying’ he is the father of her 10-year-old son.

Jamila Farid, 25 years, who is currently leaving in Zurich, Switzerland, says that Ian, the son she had with the ‘Unleash the Dragon’ singer was as a result of a one night stand back in 1999, when the singer was performing at  a concert with Dru Hill in Zurich… when she was only 14 years old

According to the Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung, Sisqo was ordered to pay child support for the child after Jamila sued Sisqo for it in a Swiss court.

The singer repeatedly refused to take a paternity test, causing  the court to conclude that Sisqo is the “presumed father” of the woman’s child, after 6 years in court, and even though no DNA tests were performed.

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  1. Robert January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    This lady was 14yrs when she engaged in sex sually kenyan lady's why do you engage in such an act when too young.Sex is sweet but wait for the right time and you will not get PG finish your education.
    Aka Matano


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