Eric Wainaina headed for Broadway

Mofaya_479112317.jpgSeptember 17,

Kenyan singer Eric Wainaina is heading to the New York Musical Theatre Festival. His play, “Mo Faya, The Musical” wil be performed by the ‘Mo fire’ crew on stage between the 29th of September to the 11th of October. 

The group has been nominated to perform at the US annual event, a first for a Kenyan production. Safaricom was at hand to sponsor the crew with a 12 million cheque.

The play is about DJ Lwanda, whose voice rings out daily on local radio, leading and inspiring the Nairobi community of ‘Kwa Maji’. But Anna Mali, an avaricious real estate diva, craves the land beneath their slum. She seduces the fiery young DJ away with a job at a top nationwide station, and organizes a violent campaign to terrorize the people of ‘Kwa Maji’. When the government and media turn a blind eye to the decapitated bodies in the streets, DJ Lwanda must return home to expose the truth.

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  1. John MUNYI January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    Hey Kudos Wainaina!!

    way to go bro


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