Adiona from Idols dating Munya from BBA

IdolBBA_279907979.jpgSeptember 18.

Finally, they have confessed their love. Ammara and Adiona from the previous Idols competition confessed on air about their love affairs.

During an interview on “Hits not homework” with Eve DeSouza and Solo, Adiona confessed that she is dating Munya from the last BBA. “We have been dating for the past 9 months but we finally came out like a month ago… he is the most humble and open-minded person ever.”

Ammara was next to confess to having and affair, and with Lebo Mzumbi, host of the Idols… during the show. But she refuted any claims that she was being favoured in any way during the competition. Ammara has just signed a record deal with a South African record company.

The Idols are back in the country for their reunion dubbed the  Ziki Concert that is scheduled to take place at the Carnivore on the 18th September. The top 10 contestants are scheduled to perform their original compositions.

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