The Nokia E75 ‘Unboxed’

nokiae75_778059485.jpgSeptember 16,

There is a new kid on the block, and it does everything better than average. The Finnish giants have done it again. Welcome to the Nokia E75.

The major novelty of the Nokia E75 is the form factor and we’re about to see if this is enough for it to carve a niche out for itself in a crowded market.

The E75 comes neatly packed with a charger, USB cable, a foldable wireless keyboard and a 4GB microSD card which indicates how faster the memory card is.

The Nokia E75 has such class, it looks simple, as the keyboard doesn’t make it bulky at all. The same applies to the front keypad. But once you slide out the QWERTY keyboard (the usual way that keys are arranged on computers), which, by the way springs out enthusiastically, you see the real business hidden inside. The E75 turns itself into a new avatar every time you slide it open, when you need to get into some serious messaging.

I was impressed that Nokia has managed to pack a full keyboard into such a compact phone.

The Nokia E75 in the comfort of your officenokia_e75_red_331616857.jpg

Nokia’s first E-series side slider makes you fall in love with it at the very first sight (actually at the first slide). Talking about the Nokia E-series, the first thing that comes to our minds is the business series phones.

The Nokia E75 is the best amongst all the handsets in the E-series. If anyone is looking for a business smartphone with S60 platform (a software that allows new applications e.g. Java MIDP, C++, Python and Adobe Flash to be installed easily). 

It is surprising for a business phone to be available in more than two colors (fancy enough!), but this phone comes: in silver, black, red and copper! The Nokia E75 feels excellent in your hand and fits perfectly in any pocket –plus when you take it out, the metallic back cover gives it an exquisite, stylish aura and the perfect curves.

There are a couple of new things happening on the E75’s home screen. It can switch between two modes: the ‘work you’ and the ‘play you’. I was able to set up separate email accounts on the two home screens, which aids in hiding those pesky work emails from popping up while I’m trying to chillax (chill and relax).

Your ‘play’ home screen defaults to showing more entertainment shortcuts, like the music player, rather than the boring old calendar with its constant work-related reminders. Staff meeting? No thanks, I got tunes to rock!

The amazing gallery has a geo-tagging feature which enables you to locate all your photos quickly, and all allows you to know where they were captured. The task manager is also on hand to give you quick access to any application running in the background.

nokia_e75_red_open_123146545.jpgUnder the Office category, you will find Quick Office applications, used for reading Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. This time, users benefit from the full version of the application, so editing files is possible. There’s also a PDF reader, a Zip archiver, a currency converter, dictionary, Active Notes and a calculator… need I say more? I will!

The phone includes everything a user may need on the road or at the office, pre-installed on the handset: email, web, calendar, organizer, instant messenger, office tools, application manager, connectivity wizard, synchronization tools, GPS navigator, themes, profiles, and more.

This phone also allows you to customize your home screen by enabling you to create shortcuts on the home screen. 

The phone has a remarkable map system that is used together with the GPS receiver and enables you to employ Nokia maps, localization and directions when you’re on the go.

With the E75, Nokia has created another sound E-series workhorse that looks and feels like it’s ready to get down to serious business. This phone packs a heap of easy-to-use features into a well-made, compact package. It offers the sturdiness and the security a businessman needs, thanks to the partial stainless steel casing, and the features needed to be reckoned as a true messaging device. Finally, this one is the best QWERTY keyboards on the market and you have one of the best Eseries smartphones available. 

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