Oprah's Book Club reconvenes September 18

oprah_winfrey_439362401.jpg16 September – (Relaxnews)

On September 18 Oprah’s Book Club will resume with a highly anticipated selection from American talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

On August 25, Oprah teased her Book Club fans with the Twitter message, “Hey all you BookClubbers. Tune in Friday, September 18th to find out what my new book club pick is -never made a selection like ‘this’.”

Oprah’s Book Club revolves around the choices of media mogul Oprah Winfrey, whose daytime talk show has been the most popular of its kind for many years. Oprah -she is so popular she is usually referred to by only her distinctive first name -began the book discussion club on her show in 1996.

This is her first selection in nearly a year and the internet is buzzing with predictions over what will likely become the next literary hit.

Because of the show’s tremendous popularity, selected books often become popular bestsellers. Book sales often jump by millions of copies after being selected by Oprah, a phenomenon known in the book publishing industry as the “Oprah effect.”

Books such as House of Sand and Fog and The Reader became so popular thanks to Oprah’s selection that they were later made into movies.

Her tastes have ranged from classic authors such as Tolstoy to modern spirituality books such as A New Earth. Nobel prize-winning American author Toni Morrison has been her most frequent selection.

Website: http://www.oprah.com/entity/oprahsbookclub

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