BBR: Day 9

Day_9_943040062.jpgSeptember 15,

Day 9 of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION showed two completely different experiences –while the men could forget about eviction for this week and focus on their task, the women pampered themselves and pondered who would be evicted after just one week.
Big Brother has volunteered the male housemates to take part in a 3 day Bootcamp. The group split into two squads and selected squad leaders –for the red team, Leonel and for the green team, Jeremy. As part of the task, the bedroom was divided into two defensive camps. The squads must try to steal each other’s mascots, learn a marching song and sequence, have a watchman patrolling the house from dinner to breakfast,
The Twin Twist is still part of the game –but they had a lot to catch up with come switch time as a lot had happened in the house in the previous two days. At this point, Edward can’t be too careful -he has to remember the most basic things like where he must sleep, since the room has been re-organised for the task, he has to remember who his teammates are for the task, new, old and fake alliances – all of this, and he doesn’t even realise exactly how much some of his housemates are on to him!


Maggie_and_Emma_894358786.jpgBy his own admission in his diary session, Kaone has stuck out as being one of the quieter housemates. He hasn’t made many friends, despite being courted to join the two alliances last week. Although he’d originally leaned towards Jeremy, Kevin, Quinn, Itai and Wayoe last week, Kaone has decided that the housemate that he’s closest to is Kevin. The other housemates are still on high alert for opportunities to conspire this week, despite not having an eviction to worry about. So many of them are conspiring and acting as spies into the other alliances, it’s unclear to see where anyone’s loyalties lie. One thing is clear though – some housemates are doing more work than others, and those that are working hard are getting a little fed up.

Jeremy__Kenya_258345662.jpgJeremy has heard female voices near the house –and let Big Brother know during his diary session that he thinks he has figured out BB’s game!

With all of this going on, the ladies spent much of their time pondering the looming eviction. Edna helped them bond while she gave them each a manicure, before they got down to watching the boys. Talk inevitably turned to the lack of actual men in their midst – a similar conversation the men had during their first few days in the house!

Hot news this week is that Nigerian star Sasha will perform at Sunday’s Eviction show, alongside Mozambique’s Dama do Bling. Eviction night just got hotter!

Tune in to DStv Channel 198/199 to catch the action live, or watch the highlights show on M-Net Africa (DStv Channel 101/102) and AfricaMagic (DStv Channel 114) every day.

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