Ghana outraged at losing BBR representation

wayoe_283300488.jpgSeptember 14,

Just a day after Teddy and Ras Wayoe’s eviction from the Big Brother, a Ghanaian website has posted up the main reasons why they thought that Ghana had been treated unfairly in the Big Brother Revolution. It claims that the concept of the “revolution” was not fully thought through and that some of the twists are pointless to the core.

In one of the statements, they ask why are there more housemates from certain countries than others, when in fact the idea of having a continental show was to bring the various countries together.

With the introduction of 12 female housemates into the house on Sunday, there are now 4 Nigerians, 2 Kenyans (now 1) and other multiple entries for some countries, while Ghana has no rep at the moment. Is this all in the interest of exciting viewership? Or are some countries better represented in the house because M-net/DStv stands to gain more from those countries?

The site goes as far as to accuse Big Brother of ‘voting conspiracy’ and worst still, downplays Ras Wayoe calling him ‘Jamaican patois’ and complaining that he was not representing Ghana with all his Rastafarian way of life.

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  1. lau January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    stop complaining. you were even privileged to have a representative in the house other countries were never rep.


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