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BBRev_347859620.jpg15 September,

M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION continued to deliver high drama on Monday night’s Nomination show (14 September at 20:00 CAT) when Big Brother told the men that after a day spent nominating their housemates, none of them would be up for eviction this week.

The men’s nomination sessions saw the alliances – some more fluid than others – influencing decisions strongly this time around. Jeremy and Hannington led the nominations with 5 each, followed by Edward and Leonel with 4 each, and Yacob and Phil with 1 apiece. Quinn, Kevin, Kaone and Itai weren’t nominated at all. But once all the nominations were in, Big Brother revealed that NONE of the men would be up for eviction this week after all.

Meanwhile, over in the Big Brother Palace, where the female housemates are staying, it was a different story. 

After just one night together, the women were faced with a nomination session. Struggling to nominate their fellow housemates after such a short time together, the women finally made their selections.  When they were done, Geraldine led the nominations with 5, followed by Kristal with 4 and Emma and Maggie with 3 apiece. Jen and Elizabeth were the only housemates to escape nomination altogether.
But later on Monday evening, Big Brother sprang the surprise announcing that ALL the female housemates were, in fact, up for eviction this week.

This season, viewers have every chance of keeping their favourite in the game with a change which sees them voting for the contestant they want to keep in the house – so get voting now to save your favourite female housemate.

Then of course, there’s still the surprise integration of the female housemates and male housemates this coming Sunday. The women have been watching the boys’ on the screen in their section of the house and with the wall between the two sections set to come down on Sunday, the game will really kick into high gear! 

With the women settling in and the men contemplating the loss of Wayoe and Teddy, the house was relatively quiet on Sunday evening.

Monday morning saw nominations kick off – quite a shock to the system for the women but familiar now for the men. As the ladies stumbled through their nominations by describing what their housemates were wearing so that Big Brother could give them names, the boys settled into nominating along alliance lines.

And what was going on in the two camps for the rest of the time?

On the guys side, the men had to decide on their weekly shopping list, with trades constantly going on between those who wanted alcohol and the rest of the housemates. Quinn and Jeremy took charge of the process and the housemates seemed pleased with their shopping once the store room was stocked. 

In addition, some of the male housemates were sharing their fears with Big Brother. Itai described how he was missing Wayoe and would now be forced to make new friends in the house, while Hannington pleaded with Big Brother about the lack of women in the house. “I’m cracking up,” he joked “I think I need a shrink!”

Edward shared his fears that the Twin Twist would soon be discovered, as a few housemates, particularly Quinn, are getting up close when they talk to him and could notice the subtle differences between himself and Erastus.

And in the Palace, the women spent the morning getting to know each other, singing and dancing and playing word games – and weren’t shy to ask Big Brother for supplies. Cigarettes and alcohol topped the list, with a few housemates requesting forgotten items of clothing and photographs.

In addition, when the women saw that they could watch the men on the television, they gathered around to pick their favourites and catch up on what was happening on the other side of the wall.  They then got stuck in to a game of Truth or Dare, with some interesting revelations coming out – but more intriguingly, a war of words erupted when a few of the housemates challenged the rules. 

So what will happen next? Stay tuned as the 91 day reality series continues…

Meanwhile voting to keep your favourite BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION housemate in the house couldn’t be easier. There are four ways to vote this season –

1.    Via the website at www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother,
2.    By visiting the www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother WAP site on your WAP-enabled phone or via MXIT.
3.    You can also vote by texting your favourite housemate/s name to the appropriate number for your country,

To vote via text message, send the word VOTE followed by the name of YOUR FAVOURITE housemate, to the number for your country below. Text messages are charged per specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. You can vote 100 times by text per mobile number during each voting period.

                  Shortcode                  Tarrif
Safaricom    5626                         Kes 30
Zain            5626                         Kes 30
Voting begins immediately after the Nomination show on M-Net (DStv Channel 101/2) on Monday nights. Voting closes at 06:00 CAT on the following Sunday morning. Find out who has received the least number of votes and will be evicted by watching the Eviction Show on Sunday nights.

BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION is screened 24/7 live on DStv Channel 198 or 199.  Also look out for Big Brother programs on M-Net (DStv channel 101/102) and AfricaMagic (DStv channel 114). Viewers can also stay up-to-date with the latest news from Africa’s hottest reality show by logging on to www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother.

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