Pathway to Purpose: A book review

Pathway_To_Purpose_398850808.jpgWhen I picked a copy of Pathway to Purpose, I first thought to myself: “Please -not another one of those canned motivational formulas.” Instinct however urged me to open the pages of the book, and, as I began to peruse it, I quickly realised that Anthony Gitonga’s contribution to the literary world was fresh and unique.

Written in an easy to read and non-prescriptive manner, Anthony deals with the subject of ‘purpose’ like few others have done. Founded on the premise that the pathway to purpose is the journey of personal growth, the author does not stop at helping you discover your purpose, but progressively moves you to issue of advancing it.

As you read the book, you sense Gitonga’s heart. He beads the string of purpose with personal anecdotes. Telling of his life in the village, his tough math teacher, and his struggles with remaining teachable, you can sense that the author lives in a real world.

For those whose life has hit the plateau, and those who are cruising in the fast lane yet wish to derive more meaning in what they do, this book a useful companion.

The book has six chapters that are organised as successive blocks upon which to build a life of meaning and purpose.

1.    G– Get started. Stop waiting for all conditions to be perfect. Engage your life in the attitude of action.

2.    R– Responsibility. You are where you are because of the choices you have made so far. The choices you make today determine your tomorrow. Take charge of your life.

3.    O– Opportunity. With every adversity comes an opportunity for growth and development. Many of our greatest opportunities come dressed in overalls and look like work.

4.    W– Wholesome. What is the point on scaling the ladder only to come to the realisation that it was leaning on the wrong wall, or that you sacrificed all you held dear to reach the top? Get a life. Be balanced.

5.    T– Teacheability. It is what you learn well that counts. Learn all the time, form everyone, from every circumstance.

6.    H– Habit. Unless you make growth a habit, you will abandon the pathway and gravitate to mediocrity.

Laden with insightful thoughts, numerous mnemonics to remind the reader of the main principles, Pathway to Purpose adds to the body of knowledge, a distinct voice of discovering and developing your purpose for living.

The book is available in all leading book shops.

About the author:

anthony_gitonga_360999043.jpgAnthony Gitonga is a motivational speaker, trainer and banker. He is the founder of ‘Lead Trains’, a training consultancy firm. He has also written “Made for Greatness”, a soon-to-be released sequel to Pathway to Purpose.

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