Ladies come in as Kenya is evicted

teddy_966871973.jpgWell, just so you know, Kenya’s rep at this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa (dubbed the ‘revolution’) has been evicted in the first eviction show –thanks to you! All you needed to do was to vote for the ‘Teddy’ and you didn’t so…well…there goes! Teddy leaves the House much to his and the crowd’s surprise because he was on of the strongest personalities in the house. IK, the host, asked him if he regrets sitting on the fence about making up his mind about The Smokers’ Alliance. Teddy, however, leaves $2500 richer.
Teddy was evicted together with Ghana representative, Ras Wayoe. The show kicked off at a boring pace, as there were no ladies in the house. But as the first evictees were being shown the door, the ladies were coming in. Ras Wayoe and Teddy were licking their lips as the girls walked into the house. Occasionally, bouncers had to exert themselves, to protect the female housemates from ardent fans.

The first female housemate to enter the house was 24 year old Emma from Angola, followed by 23 year old Nkenna from Nigeria.

emma_928385394.jpg nkenna_622874969.jpg

 The third housemate was Maggie Mungalu, 23, a student and model from Zambia, and Mzamo, 24, an accountant from Malawi.

maggie_537343640.jpg Mazamo_576616596.jpg

Mozambican Jenipher Mussanhanne was next, followed by Rene Moolmana, 26, a hair stylist who is passionate about animals. The seventh female housemate was 21 year old Elizabeth Gupta from Tanzania, who is a cutie and did a lot of boob shaking on stage.

jennifer_649064331.jpg elizabeth_944387011.jpg

The eighth housemate to enter the big brother house was Kristal Culverwell from Zimbabwe, 26, a trainee paramedic who was previously a wine advisor. She has a tatoo at the back.

 kristal_190010036.jpg geraldine_641532740.jpg

The ninth housemate was Lizwe Coka from South Africa making a total of two South African housemates followed by Geraldine Ihema, 24, a legal intern. Geraldine is the 3rd Nigerian housemate in the house.

liz_926831604.jpg Edna_564636302.jpg

paloma_345492604.jpgThe eleventh female housemate in the house was Edna Alfredo a 27 year old housing assistant, who is not expecting to win but just wants to have fun in the house. Finally, there is 25 year old Paloma Manda from Zambia.

The girls will be in their room for at least one week before the walls break loose to mingle with the boys.

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