BBR Housemates get $25,000… for good behaviour!

BBRev_347859620.jpgSeptember 11,

With 14 men in one house, the new BBA revolution is set to be full of “men behaving badly”. To cover this, Organizers of Big Brother Africa have given each of the housemates $25,000 to spend in the house… and, if there’s any left over, it’s theirs to keep.

But this money comes with a twist. The cash is to be used to monitor the housemates’ behaviour! They don’t have to do anything to earn the money, but they can lose it.

For a housemate to take home the full amount, they have to stick to the agreed BBA House code of conduct… failure of which, Big Brother will deduct a fine. He will in fact deduct a fine for every transgression registered. When money is reduced from one person’s money pot, it is to be divided equally amongst the other Housemates.

It will be interesting to see if the money can induce good behaviour from the housemates… especially considering the bad manners of previous contestants!

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