You are beautiful


It is sad how we would rather be dumb rather than ugly; how we choose to be sickly and lean, rather than healthy and plump; how we play tango with cancer -just to get lighter coloured skin. We starve ourselves to get leaner frames; torture our thighs trying to fit them into jeans half the size we ought to wear -and how we have developed the knack of putting others down!

Who was it that defined beauty as the bony, blue-eyed, 6-foot Caucasian blonde-haired woman? Why is the media full of content that misguides women on the concept of beauty?

What will happen to our daughters? How will they know what beauty is when we ourselves seem so clueless about it?

When you refuse to eat, survive on water and a carrot stick for two months, you may not even live to ‘enjoy’ the benefits of your ‘hard-work’. You may well die, and by the time you do, you will not be beautiful; only a ghastly shadow of your former self.

Dark-skinned women in Africa are known for bleaching their skins. We have all seen them. Sometimes these antics go awry and we end up with women with multi-coloured faces; a little green patch above the eyebrow; a little patch of reddish pink skin on the cheek -quite like quilt work! The result is that the person in point ends up looking like a case of tie and dye gone bad.

The moment you use those mercury-filled excuses for ‘skin lightening’ lotions, is the moment you start gambling with your life.

Being sexy has nothing to do with your wearing of jeans two sizes smaller than you are. It definitely has nothing to do with your wearing a blouse that you are bursting out of and this just makes you look tacky.

You make your clothes look good and not the other way around; they complement you. Either get rid of your ‘skinny’ jeans, or shed the extra pounds. Sexy has all to do with confidence and class -that is what makes heads turn.

All this fuss about cosmetic surgery and makeovers is simply a way that the West uses to help themselves ‘deal’ with their esteem issues. You can go through a million cosmetic surgeries, without changing a thing about your self-esteem.

There is no cosmetic surgery for a whack personality. Work from the inside out. Self-worth and confidence comes from the inside.

We need to look deeply at the reasons why we are not comfortable under our own skins. We need not work so hard to fit in. When we are comfortable with ourselves, others will accept us for us. We must first love ourselves, perhaps a little work on our confidence. Let us spoil ourselves today. Let us enjoy our own company. Start the day murmuring: “Let me love me.”



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