Harry, the focus of local docu-drama

Harry_Kimani_608181109.jpgSeptember 10,

He has yet again decided to open up. Harry Kimani will speak openly about his “on-again, off-again, on-again…again” days as a drug addict, in a soon to be released docu-drama.

The docu-drama, sponsored by NACADA (National Campaign Against Drug Abuse) is at the editing phase, and will be titled ‘Recovery Room’.

Shot by Sinema Sisi Productions, and directed by Betty Kathungu-Furet, it portrays Harry’s struggles to remain sober throughout his music career.

To give it an authentic feeling, the director included real life interviews with Harry, as well as Peter Mugane, his roommate during his stay at the Karen Treatment rehabilitation centre in Gilgil.

Other people who have already been interviewed include Harry’s Manager, Victor Seii, entertainment writer Smitta, who is Harry’s friend and current producer, singer Debbie Asila, Makadem, rapper Abbas Kubaff, Kanda King and actress Jackie Nyaminde (Wilbroda) among others.

Professional advice will also form part of the docu-drama with addiction counselor, Dr. Gakunju giving a talk.

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