Visit European heritage sites for free in September

Heritage_241045857.jpgSeptember 4 – (Relaxnews)

For over a month, 49 countries throughout Europe are opening national heritage sites to the public, some for the first time, free of charge, over a weekend or more. This Council of Europe initiative has existed for 13 years and aims at making the cultural diversity of Europe accessible to everyone.

The National Heritage Days are organized by each country during a day or two in September –or even over a month in Spain in October — with a national theme in the extended European region with countries like Armenia, Ukraine or even Switzerland participating.

Here are the dates, websites and themes for a selection of countries:

United Kingdom – England
“Celebrating England’s communities past, present, future”
September 10-13

“World Heritage”
September 12-13

“Historical sites of enjoyment”
September 13

Varies according to the region
September 12-13 and 19-20

“Heritage accessible to all”
September 19-20

“Creativity and Innovation”
September 27

“Italy: Treasure of Europe”
September 27-28

“Heritage and contemporary creation”
Throughout October

Check this document for the list of the 49 countries participating and websites:

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