"The Last Villains of Molo" by Kinyanjui Kombani -a Review

The_Last_Villains_of_Molo_581101015.jpgI must admit that, at first, I was reluctant to open this book, so kindly given, though it was, by its humble yet far-seeing author. I have a ‘downer’ for all things local, and hoped that I wasn’t set for a dreary journey through sloppy words, unintelligible, unrealistic characters in a weak plotline… I was delighted to be surprised by the contrary.


The Synopsis

“In a nine by nine room in Ngando slums, Nairobi, live ‘Bone’, ‘Bomu’, ‘Bafu’ ‘Ngeta’ and ‘Rock’, sinister characters in their late twenties. They are unemployed and spend their time mooching off law-abiding citzens. When Nancy, expensive and rich, newly arrived from the US enters their lives, they are all dramatically transformed.

Told against the background of the 1992 upheaval in Kenya which became infamously known as “The Tribal Clashes”, The Last Villains of Molo is a story of fastened bonds of friendship between the displaced; of destitution, desperation, revenge and love -the story of a new generation which rises above the confines of hatred and retribution and reasserts the goodness in man.”


The Last Villains of Molo is a ‘Must Read’ for all Kenyans, not only as a well-crafted, well-written piece of literature, but also as one that reveals the true story of Kenya, in all its gruesome stupidity, small-mindedness and rage, its hysterical violence -as well as the beauty of her character at its very verty core.

The characters are delightful! Loveable Robin Hoods with their own code of discipline, beauties in love with them, wayward fathers and mothers, all entwined in solid bonds of unlikely friendships conspire to sweep you deep into the plot, which is well thought out and adhered to. Descriptions are well done and do not annoy one by going on and on, in too much detail; but rather carry you along as if on a smooth mental ride. I read The Last Villains of Molo well within 24hrs… and was annoyed it had to end!


Kinyanjui_Kombani_712137679.jpgAbout the Author

Kinyanjui Kombani was born in Nakuru in 1981. He studied at Molo Academy before joining Kenyatta University for undergraduate work. He developed interest in creative writing and has produced a number of short stories due for publication. He has also participated in various theatrical and entertainment activities, including Kenyatta University’s Travelling Theatre programmes. The Last Villains of Molo is his first work to be published.


The Last Villains of Molo is published by Acacia Publishers, and is available wherever books are sold. (For more info, please write to us at lifestyle@capitalfm.co.ke) Get it TODAY!




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