At the Food World Fair 2009

Fw1_622574498.jpgThe Sarit Center Westlands played host to the Annual Food World 2009 Fair at the center exhibition hall. The annual festival allows food processors and industries of different food products in the country to showcase their products.  This years’ festival also incorporated cheese and wine with at list of 4 cheese processors exhibiting at the fair.

This sporadic forum showcased  a lot of industrial food that included milk processors(Happy cow, Eldoville farm, Limuru milk processor), milling companies(Capwel industries, Norda industries, Proctor and Allan Ltd), coffee and tea brewers (Java coffee house, Kenya tea packers)

Repertoire in nutritious foods calls for celebration. Kilimoni Greens was my first stop at the fair. They specialized in organic eating where they exhibited some of their fresh organic produce that were so colourful; bright and inviting blend of fresh vegetable colours. They also exhibited some of the organic beauty products that are natural and good to use for medicinal purposes.

Fw4_107864769.jpgCooking food is an art that calls for patience.  This I learned when I was at the Kenya Waterless Cookware stand. The superb cookware cooks without water, fat or salt to retain valuable nutrients in food we cook. I also learnt a lot on the health benefits of using this cookware but when I asked on the price, it was to the extreme high end with the cheapest being 28Ksh for 4 piece singles (small) sufuria.

I then moved to the Glacier Products Ltd stand that was beaming with salsa songs and dancers who were quite interesting and inviting. The maker of the Amore Mia ice cream, they had displayed some of their new indulging ice cream flavours – wild strawberry. Brief Ice cream making demonstrations were also on display for attendance to the stand. I learnt that it was really easy to make my own flavour of ice cream- but am yet to make one.

Fw2_455633514.jpgI could not leave without tasting the ice cream flavours in the stand from vanilla fudge ripple, forest berries and cream, to chocolate fiesta (a blend of white and dark chocolate ice cream). Does that sound yummy.

It was now time for the price giving ceremony for the most outstanding stands of  this years’ fair. Mr. Kodus Malder – AgroExpo(South Africa) and the Chief Judge at the event was going round presenting the trophies to the winners.

In the forth place was the Raka Milk processors. Purely vegetarian and proudly Kenyan, Raka Ltd displayed some of their scrumptious range of cheese including cheddar, panner and creamy goat cheeses in flavour of black pepper, garlic and naturals.

Last years’ winner of the Expo, Jambo biscuits Ltd had dropped to number 3 this year. The manufactures of the Britania range of biscuit had their stand built up with all the different range of biscuits they manufacture. For me, this was the most edible stand and I could have eaten it from wall to wall.

Capwell industries came second. This rice and maize milling company based in Thika town had thier stand take up the African nature theme as their stand layout. Its flagship brand of the ‘pearl rice’ and maize meal (soko) were displayed in sucks potray the feelof natural and healthy yet affordable products.

Fw3_613945365.jpgFinally, this years Food World 2009 Fair went to the Glacier products Ltd. And just like I said before, the stand was crowned the winner because on the interactive activated(the salsa music and dancers) on the stand. This, the Chief Judge said was the one of the reason the stand clinched the top position.

Having tested almost  all the different products in the expo, it was time for me to leave before I started having a running stomach. But I must say that was a well spend Saturday afternoon for me.

My verdict: the stand setups were all very nice but next time we need to see more catering companies and less of junk food manufacturing companies at the expo.


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