1 on 1 with STL

STL_336926139.jpgKenyan singer STL, who is base in Norway, was in the country to spear head her environment concert. STL spoke to the Capital Team after her performance at the MAMA nomination launch about her music and her new passion to conserve the forests.

STL and Michele absolutely wowed the crowd with their duet featuring the outsiderz dancers, ‘Take it back’ after which STL brought down the house with one of her latest single, “biashara”!

STL spoke to us about her recent ‘Enough is Enough’ concert in Thika and her new international record deal.

The Enough is Enough concert that she had organized in partnership with the Green Belt movement was a success. It gave the correct information she wanted to pass across to the youths. “I chose Thika as the venue because I have seen how the Thika falls have slowly dried up due to the chopping down of tree for contraction. I hope I will be able to come back before October and continue with the campaign but I know many of the artists I collaborated with will continue with the campaign” she said as we sat at the balcony at the Loft.

She also gave us the reason for her firing her manager in Norway for a Kenyan manager
and why she has not signed to any record label. “I fired my manager coz he was lazy, I like my work done well and first and he was not able to do that so he had to go. I can’t say that Charles Mwangi is my manger; we have been working together for a long time hence he is reliable especially when I come It comes to organizing my event in Kenya. I don’t have a manager right now” she said.

She further added that she had left her former record label coz she needed to explore other places but when asked about rumors that she is trying to get a record deal at Def jam, she refused to comment on that issue saying that nothing is clear yet and that it was not Def jam that she was eyeing but still refused to disclose the label just giving us the hint that it’s an international label in the US.

She couldn’t leave without telling us her thought of her nomination at the MAMA Awards this year, “I am very happy that the nominating panel actually recognized my music and that is a sign that am on the right track. I hope and pray that I win the category (Best new act) I know Kenyans know me and will vote for me. Am also going to lobby for votes in Norway and with that huge backing, I will surely take the award.

She also mentioned that she would love to perform at the event (MAMA) coz she believes that this will give her a good exposé just like when she performed in Europe along side Flo-rider which got her several offers from various record labels.

STL leaves for Norway this Thursday hoping that she has done something about the environment. What have you done?

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