'The Hangover'… An event to remember!

The_Hangover_280680320.jpgCan you remember your worst hangover? As your try to, picture this; you wake up in the morning, you don’t have a clue of what happened the previous night, you hear a baby crying in the closet, you meet a tiger in the bathroom, you’re missing a tooth and worst still, you got married to a stripper. We literally made our listeners re-live their worst hangover at ‘The Hangover’ movie premiere which took place at Silverbird Westgate on Friday the 14th of this month.

The venue was given a touch of Vegas with a casino table and glamorous lighting. The people in attendance did not disappoint in terms of their dress code. Vegas being the theme, it was all tuxedos and sharp stylish suits for the men while the striking beauties, were as sophisticated as sophisticated can be! The most interesting part to all this was the designated stand where married couple (eloped couples) could take pictures. Doesn’t that sound like Vegas to you?

On the other end of the lobby, drinks were served –just enough to give the crowd the touch of a hangover, with small bitings to staunch the stomachs of those who had gone too far!DJ_Hakeem__Charles_and_Maq_755038093.jpg

It was all mingling and chatting till the show-stoppers of the event came down the escalators. The boys of the Jam (Maq, Hakim and Charles), Solo (Chit chat) and a few capital male fans… had traded their suites for dresses!

Hakim (aka ‘Halima’, for this occasion) and Maq were first to come down, and the crowd could not contain their laughter. It was hilarious! Especially when Maq (transformed into a 6ft lady in a white skirt and top… with a mustache) was trying to be sexy. It was agreed that ‘Halima’, on the other hand, could actually pass for a lady if only he didn’t have the mustache.

Charles was next. The laughter become even louder, as he appeared dressed in a sexy black dress, long black hair and white heels. The dress was clingy showing off a surprisingly shapely behind, for all to appreciate!

DJs_Rae_and_Tina_941400029.jpgFor Solo and Chao, it was a about switching roles: he sported a dress and she, a suit. But Solo stole the show. Also in a slinky black dress that was much shorter than Charles’, he could not take his hands off the front of his dress, showing off his ‘cleavage’! “He has nice legs!” I actually overheard one of the ladies say!

After briefly mingling with the crowd, the show-stoppers were at it again, this time showing their prowess in handling high heels… in the ‘running on heels’ race. On this test, Charles declared the best at handling the heels, as he actually ran, and didn’t leap side to side like the rest of the group. Needless to say, one of the ‘ladies’ broke his heels! DJ_CK_and_our_Farida_603923583.jpg

We ladies then had to show the men how it’s done. I’m sorry to report that this race marred by
cheating and hair pulling! But it was just ladies being ladies.

The participants of both races were then awarded their prizes, which included Kes 5,000 and a Capital Fm goodie bag. But the most feminine-looking guy, got the most coveted prize: an all expense paid trip for two to the Tsavo National Park. 

Just before the movie started, Genge raising star Mejja put us in the right mood, performing his hit song ‘Jana kuliendaje’.

Then it was time to watch the movie.

‘The Hangover’ is about four guys who wake up in Vegas and don’t have a clue what happened the night before.
In their distress to remember, and also find one of their missing friend (who is getting married in a matter of hours), they desperately retrace the events of the night before, depending on clues and various leads.

Our_Seanice_eloping_242121404.jpgTheir efforts are met by hurdles which they must overcome if they are to find their friend or even remember what happened to them.

‘The Hangover’ might just make you think twice every time you enter a bar or even think of going for an escapade with the boys. Then again, that’s what all the fun’s about!

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