Myth: Strong scrubs, soaps and abrasives are good for your skin


Natural_body_care_green_tea_scrub_769429629.jpgSTRONG SCRUBS ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOUR FACE

Be careful how you wash your face. Too much scrubbing or too many abrasive products can remove protective oils, create tiny micro tears and contribute to aging, irritated skin. Less is more, and a gentle cleanser and light moisturizer work well for most people.




  • Dm Nairobi

    These are very valuable comments on the way forward. Bottom line, our country is stuck in the same old rut unless voters next year are determined to shed off the current political leaders and replace them with God fearing, moral, selfless, hardworking and visionary individuals. Most of these qualities abound in the private sector as shown by the above initiative but many are afraid to go into politics. But the big question is this – are most rural voters willing to elect such individuals without being induced with Money, Sugar, Flour or whatever form of bribery they demand during elections?

  • Oscar

    I have never doubted that Kenyans are a great people. I am very impressed by the way as a country we have pulled together so fast in the absence of shepherd leadership to mobilise help to our brothers and sisters. I totally agree that we now need to harness this spirit to come up with long term solutions that will ensure we don’t see the kind of images we have watched of recent. Israel was a desert but today they export food. Let us forge alliances with such forward thinking nations and learn from them. With this spirit of unity, we can change our country without waiting for empty promises from a few vision-less politicians. YES WE WILL 

  • The resilience of kenyans stands out during crisis, i think its time it stood out to prevent the crisis….

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