Week 3: Run baby run! Or will she?


I_must_say__if_I_do_in_fact_loose_a_few__I_won__t_mind__849285356.jpgIt’s August 10th, my third week in training for the Standard Chartered Marathon to be held on October 25th.

I am on a 4-week initial training program, designed and developed by my wonderful trainer, Nina, at the Stanley Health Club. According to my program (as revealed in my last week’s article), my goal is to increase my fitness levels by focusing on cardiovascular activities, with a little bit of strength training. Please note that this is not a weight loss program, but rather an important part of my preparation, in order to run a 21 kilometre marathon –my new endeavour. I must say that, in fact I do loose a few kilos here and there, I will not be disappointed!

My next fitness assessment is on September 3rd, after which my trainer will advise me on the next phase in my training program. In the meantime, I am battling with my brain to commit to 5 days a week at the gym, particularly on those cold Nairobi mornings. It’s hard enough balancing work, family and social activities; my calendar and task list are overflowing… and now I have to schedule in a whole hour of my day exercising?
This week, however, I do have a new motivating factor that will enable me to see the inside of the gym more often –water; or lack thereof! Thanks to the new rationing program (and I really need to thank the folks at Nairobi Water Company!), I have found a new reason to show up at the gym every morning at 6am! With scarce water available in my house, coupled with my utter detest for bucket baths (yes I am a Barbie!) I tend to prefer to get to the gym early, have a sweaty work out, and crown it all with 15 minutes under a refreshing hot shower, before heading to the office.

The Runners Club

I learned this week that there is a “Runner’s Club”, that meets weekly to train for the marathon. Lucy, another trainer at the gym, invited me to join in as part of my program. Personally, I think she is out her mind to think I can train with experienced runners, but she urges me to give it a try. The Runners Club meets every Sunday and departs for a run from the Sarova Stanley at 6:30am. One can choose to either run 8km, 10km, 18 or the full 21 kms. My brain tells me it’s a good way to train and test your endurance, as running on the treadmill is much easier than running on tarmac.

Will_I_really_make_it_through_the_Runner__s_Club_experience_907579480.jpgI sign up for next Sunday and warn Lucy that, if I don’t show up to work the following Monday, my boss will call her personally for explanations as to why! She advises that I should start with the 8 kilometre run, and then slowly build up my distance after a few weeks. She also urges me to focus on cardio exercises this week in the gym, as a build up to Sunday.
I must admit that the gym sessions are getting better and better, and the feelings I leave with, after a session are priceless: refreshed, accomplished, and energised!

Next week: My first outdoor run with the Running Club…will I make it?


The writer is a 30 something year old Kenyan, who is passionate about being online, but can’t stand Facebook! She is currently employed by the Capital Group Ltd and resides in Nairobi with her two children aged 10 and 2 yrs.

Editor’s Note: Are you training for a big event, marathon or race? Share your experience on what it takes to run a 10K, 21K or a full marathon. Post your comments below.

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