Nameless suffer another hit to his songs

Nameless_351589531.jpgSingers Radio and Weasel have stolen another song… this time with the help of the new kid on the block, Toniks. The Ugandan threesome are set to release a song titled ‘Ameni Pa Juju’ –and doesn’t that sound familiar?

The song was first performed by Nameless, and this is the second time a song by his been stolen. In the first incident, the soundtrack to  his song ‘Maisha’ was hijacked by Malaika from South Africa.
Previously, Radio and Weasel have been accused of pirating their blockbuster hit Bread and Butter. Even some of their other songs, e.g: Ekiduula, Zuena, and the more recent Potential, that have been big hits in East Africa, are not really original.

The duo are currently riding high in the charts with the song ‘With you’ featuring Blue 3.

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