Izulu Lami & Zimbabwe Films Suspended from Lola kenya Screen 2009!

Lola_Kenya_Screen_272999638.jpgLola Kenya Screen has pulled Izulu Lami and Zimbabwe films from its screening programme.

Jeremy Nathan, represenative of the DV8 producers, is alleged to have demanded a 500 Euro fee per show of each film, accusing Lola Kenya Screen  of impropriety “that borders on libel and defamation“.

To avoid any altercation, the management of Lola kenya Screen suspended the films from the festival, saying that they had over 200 films from 50 nations lined up, and that the loss of one contributor would not be felt.

The Lola Kenya Screen reiterates that it is a non-profit festival, a production unit and a market platform that promotes audiovisual media productions, and does not charge either for film submissions, screening fees, nor gate fees to the public to watch the films. 

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