A Sexy Long Neck

Tyra2_570711979.jpgTrust me, you don’t have to be born with it!

Surprisingly, people don’t even notice things like your neck and yet its one of the sultriest part of a woman’s body after your eyes and lips. It is more what goes around your neck that draws attention to it, simply because our eyes are always looking for something catchy to thrill them.

If you have a short and thickish neck, here are some glam up tips!

-Choose long dangly earrings that will make your neck look longer thus drawing attention from your neck to your ears.

-Sag a long neckpiece to draw the eyes downwards away from your neck. If the necklace is too short
neck_100655262.jpg and closer to your neck, it emphasizes wide neck and seems more like it doesn’t fit well.

-Wear lower neck lines, Stock up on V-necks and off shoulder dresses in your wardrobe. When your neck and shoulders are visible, the flow from your neck to your bosom seems longer thus giving a lasting lavish look on your neck.

When your about to hit a night in the town, try this celebrity trick!

Wear your favorite strapless outfit then highlight your neck bones and shoulders with bronzing powder and watch how you glow!

*AVOID turtlenecks as they tend to highlight your short neck.


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