Artists will unite to save the Mau Forest

STL_336926139.jpgKenyan singer STL, who is based in Norway, will be landing in the country later this month for a series of concerts aimed at raising funds, and awareness in the conservation of the besieged Mau Forest.

The singer has also expressed interest in teaming up with Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Mathai’s Green Belt movemen, to further her quest to conserve the environment.

The issues surrounding Mau Forest, a source of water for several lakes and rivers in the East African region have currently been  dominating local headlines, making it the focus of various serious discussions and initiatives.

STL will be performing 5 back to back concerts from Sunday 23rd to Thursday 25th August at the Thika municipal stadium. Several other artists and DJs are expected to perform at the same event.

The singer is currently working on a remix song with Kenya’s new kid on the block, ‘Knel’, that will also feature Mr. Lenny.

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