Nairobi great place to get hair done, says Hillary Clinton!

Hillary_Clinton_322070963.jpgAugust 5 – World News (EAA) – AFP

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday gave a ringing endorsement to one feature of the Kenyan capital Nairobi — its hairdressers.

As she launched an 11-day tour of Africa, Clinton noted — and not with pleasure — that Americans have long paid close attention to how she wears her hair.

“My hairdoes have been the subject of Ph.D. theses, so I want everybody to know that I got a good one in Nairobi,” Clinton said in an aside to an economic forum involving some 40 African countries.

Besides doing a commendable job on her hair, Clinton said that the two local hairstylists offered insight about Nairobi.

“They said it’s a wonderful place and a great place to raise children,” Clinton said.

Clinton -one of the most powerful women in US political history, who narrowly lost the 2008 presidential bid- had a serious point to her comments.
She said she wanted mothers in cities around the world to “say truthfully it’s a great place to raise children.”

Clinton, who has also been a US senator and first lady, plans to highlight the plight of women during her seven-nation tour of Africa.
She will travel to the violence-wracked east of the Democratic Republic of Congo to meet with survivors of soaring sexual violence.

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