Lucky Patricia on the move!

Patricia_Wakaimba_287049488.jpgShe’s young, gorgeous and far too serious for her 21 years of age, but I guess that’s why her passion for designs, dresses and African prints as a whole have effectively been channelled into what we can call lucky – Bahati Designs.

Patricia Wakaimba is studying business in the UK, but while her friends party their parents’ money away every summer holiday (read coasto), she is busy learning the ropes of doing business (through her father Sammy) as she crafts her own thread-print in her world. Ok, maybe she joins her pals for a few days, but her focus is often unwavering.

“It hasn’t been easy, but I am launching my designs.” (Here Patricia was talking to me about Wednesday, August 5, at K1, Upstairs!)

“I love fashion, especially dresses! And just seeing them coming to life is my satisfaction,” she says.

Patricia seems very warm hearted and is passionate about family. She is also passionate about supporting the campaign against FGM so Bahati’s launch is tied to that. I’ve seen a handbag she crafted and some dresses on her website which look impressive and retro to me and I am waiting for the t-shirts to be uploaded on Thumbs up!


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