Looking Forward to the 4th Lola Kenya Screen

Lola_Kenya_Screen_272999638.jpgThe fourth edition of Lola Kenya Screen (lolakenyascreen.org), eastern Africa’s—nay Africa’s—first and only audiovisual media festival, production workshop and market exclusively designed for children and youth has plenty lined up for everyone.

Goethe-Institut, the venue of the festival, shall be as busy as a bee hive 9am-8pm daily, August 10-15, 2009 as internationally-acclaimed media and film experts converge here to conduct the annual learn-as-you-do mentorship skill-development programmes, attend cutting edge conferences and exhibitions and network for the development of the audiovisual media sector in eastern Africa.

Among the highlights is a three-day conference bringing together independent producers of film, video and television in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Congo-Kinshasa, southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. The aim of the conference is to explore and discuss ways in which the audiovisual media sector could be transformed into a viable and sustainable industry with proper policies to govern it. This summit is supported by UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.

Other practical, hands-on, learn-as-you-do mentorship programmes through which Lola Kenya Screen explores, identifies and nurtures creative talent among children and youth in areas such as journalism, filmmaking, arts appreciation, and organisation and presentation of cultural and creative events include Film Production with children (facilitated by Fina Sensada-Boixader of Spain), Creative Journalism (facilitated by Rut Gomez Sobrino of UNESCOCat, Spain), Television Drama for children and youth with adult filmmakers (facilitated by Anette Tony Hansen of Denmark for Prix Jeunesse of Germany), Critical Appreciation of Film (facilitated by Ogova Ondego of Kenya), and Event Organisation and Presentation (the mentor is yet to be confirmed).

“Five years after we were born in October 2005,” says founder and director Ogova Ondego, “Lola Kenya Screen continues to celebrate audiovisual media creativity, innovation and artistic excellence. And Lola Kenya Screen 2009, held on the theme, ‘The Cirle…’, shall be no exception.”

Inviting ‘everyone’ to the ‘feast’ at the festival, Ondego says more than 200 films from 50 countries and in 33 languages will be exhibited.

“We hope that those who attend—and there is no reason why anyone should keep away. All the shows are absolutely free—Lola Kenya Screen 2009 will explore and discover the true meaning of this year’s theme over the six days of celebrating children, youth, family and creativity.”

Lola Kenya Screen 2009 shall showcase films in nine categories.

The festival shall screen special films for the very young (3-6 years) at 9 am daily. The films for those aged 7-13 years shall take off at 10.30 am and those for 14+ at 2pm. It is expected that older audiences shall feast on films 5-8pm.The film shows run concurrently with other festival activities.

The film screening categories are as follows:

I.                   4th Lola Kenya Screen Golden Mboni Award Competition (For the Best Children’s Film)

El Regala De La Pachamama by Toshifumi Matsushita, 2008, 104’ 00’’, USA

Kur Paludis Elvis by Una Celma, 2008, 78′ 00”, Latvia

Izulu Lami by Madoda Ncayiyana, 2008, 99′ 40”, South Africa

Io Parlo by Marco Gianfreda, 2009; 20’ 00”, Italy

Sotto Il Mio Giardino by Andrea Lodovichetti, 2007, 19’, Italy

The Magic Stamp by Tomoko Oguchi, 2009, 10’ 54”, USA

Frederikke by Heidi Maria Faisst,2008, 19′ 00”, Denmark

Man Ham Hastam by Afshin Khaledi, 2008, 15’ 00’’, Iran

The Happy Duckling by Gili Dolev, 2008, 8’ 45’’, Scotland

Una Vida Mejor by Luis Fernandez Reneo, 2008, 13’ 00’’, Spain

Musen by Pil Maria Gunnarsson, 2008, 13’ 00’’, Denmark

For A Fistful of Snow by Julien Ezri,2009, 5′ 42”, Switzerland

Delroy Kincaid by Powys Dewhurst, 2008, 7′ 45”, Canada

Hammerhead by Sam Donovan, 2008, 14′ 00”, UK

Pamelaby James Kanja, 2008, 12’ 23”, Kenya

Small Boyby Michelle Bello, 2008, Nigeria

Cuento De La C by Carlos Navarro, 7’ 07’’, Spain

Bestiario by Sergio Vega Borrego, 16’ 25’’, Spain

Gholaki ke peida kardam by Arsham Naghshbandi, 2008, 7’ 00”, Iran

Polo by Claver Yameogo, 2009, 7’ 00’’, Burkina Faso

Aan mard by Behrooz Ghobadi, 2008, 15’ 00”, Iran

II.                14-Plus Competition (For the Best Youth Film)

A Beautiful Tragedy by David Kinsella, 2008, 58’, Norway

uGugu no Andile by Minky Schlesinger, 2008, 96’ 00’’, South Africa

Zimbabwe by Darrell James Roodt, 2008; 84’ 00’’, South Africa/Zimbabwe

A Crack in the Wall by Phillippe Talavera, 2008, 90’ 00’’, Namibia

Dear Mom by Yang-Lun Hsiao, 2008, 13′ 25”, Taiwan

Babalwa’s Story by Charlene Houston, 2008, 45′ 24”, South Africa

Houna & Manny by Jared Katsiane, 2009, 10′ 00”, USA

Cuandos Caen Los Idolos by Tomás Silberman, 2008, 10’ 00’’, Spain

La Tuerca by Azul Melissa Martínez, 2008, 10’ 00’’, Spain/Mexico

I heard You Looking by Yang-Lun Hsiao, 2007, 8’ 41”, Taiwan

From A Whisper by Wanuri Kahiu, 2008, 96’00”, Kenya

III.             Films by Students

Pums by Federico Martin, 2009, 2′ 56”, Germany

The Pottery’s Tale by Maryam Bayani, 2008, 8′ 34”, Iran

Elephants by Sally Pearce, 2008, 13’, UK

4 Kilometres by Miri Shapiro, 2008, 22’30”, Israel/UK

Per Second Killer by Ejim Fortune Kezi, 2008, 4’ 48”, Nigeria

Za Horyzont by Kuba Czekaj, 2007, 31’ 20’’, Poland

Eyes on the Prize by Omar Hamilton, 2008, 7’30”, Britain

IV.             Kids For Kids Africa Festival Competition

V.                Films by Youth

VI.             Eastern Africa Prism

VII.          World Panorama

VIII.       Television Series

IX.             Special Focus

A. Compilations

a). First Light Movies, UK

b). The Best of Kids For Kids Festival 2008, Global

c). UNICEF-Fundacion Kine Cultural y Educativa, Argentina

d). Docs for Today & Tomorrow, Kenya

B. Stand Alones

e). White Sand Black Sand by Fina Sensda, 2008, Spain

f). Mah Saah- Sah by Daniel Kamwa, Cameroon

g). The Day After Peace by Jeremy Gilley, 2008, 82′ 00”, UK

h). Prince Loseno by Jean-Michel Kibushi N W, 2004, 29′ 00”, DRC

C. Films Dubbed into Kiswahili

a). The Little Knight by Per Fly, Zentropa Productions ApS, Denmark 1998. 25 min.

b). Ernst Goes Skating by Alice de Champfleury, ASA Film Production A/S, Denmark 2002. 7 min.

c). War and Peas, Jannik Hastrup, Dansk Tegnefilm 2 ApS, Denmark 2005. 10 min.

d). The Tinderbox by Mihail Badica, Herremagasinet Film & TV ApS, Denmark 1993. 35 min.

e). Kirikou et la Sorciére (Kirikou and the Sorceress), 1998, Dir: Michel Ocelot, France, 74min

D. UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform Special

The Children of Darfur

The Children of Inkisi

More information on this festival is available on www.lolakenyascreen.org, www.artmatters.info, www.cinemaminima.com, www.facebook.com, www.twitter.com and several other online publications.

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