The Power of Makeup!

Made_Up1_785653416.jpgLadies, Never underestimate the power of make up… It is after all your secret weapon!

Everyone has their own natural beauty, but no one is perfect. Make up not only accentuates your looks but also alters you slightly close to being perfect. No need for PLASTIC SURGERY!!

Here are some simple tips to make your cheekbones, hair and eyebrows work for you for a slimmer face look.

-Use a bronzer underneath your cheek bones and highlight directly on yourMade_Up2_573539754.jpg cheekbones. This makes your cheekbones noticeable and automatically slims down your face.

-Shape your eye brows facing up at an angle instead of a round curvy design. This gives your face aninstant face lift.

-Consider a high fringe hair do, or a high ponytail to add some height to your face and give the illusion of a longer slimmer face.

*Do the opposite if you have a slim face

And always remember that no look is complete with out your million dollar smile. So go on flash that pretty smile and wow them ALL!!









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