TPF3East African Breweries Ltd. (EABL) through its flagship brand Tusker Lager is continuing its sponsorship of the show for the third year running with a more than Kshs 200million investment.
Auditions for the regions biggest musical talent reality show Tusker Project Fame 3 will kick off concurrently this weekend in Kenya Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. 
The company’s Regional Marketing Manager for brand Tusker, Mr. Mburu Karanja confirmed that the expanded reality show will now cover the four East African countries as part of the firm’s bid to tap and nurture regional musical talent.

 “That we have immense musical talent in the region is not in doubt judging from the previous seasons of this show,” Mr. Karanja said.

 He further added: “East African Breweries is investing over Kshs. 200 million in this initiative aimed to seek and develop music talent in the region in line with the company’s commitment to nurture and showcase world-class talent and performance from the region.”

 While the beverages manufacturer will finance the project, production house Endemol will handle the TV production aspects in conjunction with local experts. 

“The Tusker Project Fame journey is an exciting one which not only sees the nurturing of music talent, but also allows for transfer of skills in reality show production,” added Mr. Karanja. “We seek to ensure that Kenyan artisans are involved in all aspects of bringing this show to life, a process which will undoubtedly result in greater exposure of world class skills to our people.”

 At the end of the auditioning phase, a total of 12 contestants representing the four countries will move into the Tusker Academy, a music school where for 8 weeks they will be exposed to the best in music vocal, song-writing and performance coaching to fully nurture their talent. The show’s fans will be able to participate in choosing East Africa’s next music star through SMS voting once the show starts.

 Through weekly evictions, the 12 contestants will be whittled down to 1 talented winner who will, in October, be crowned the Tusker Project Fame 3 winner. Karanja further stated that “we are maintaining the top prize for the winner comprising of Kshs. 5,000,000/- in prize money and a recording deal with Gallo Records, among a host of other goodies.”

The Tusker Project Fame weekly nomination shows have been characterized by   remarkable musical performances, an aspect that the organisers promise to continue this year. “Not only is this show getting bigger, it is also getting better and our viewers can expect thrilling entertainment throughout the season” said Mr. Karanja.

 Over the years, Tusker Project Fame has successfully nurtured home-grown talent with the 1st season’s winner, Kenya’s Valerie Kimani, having released a 13-track album that received rave reviews from her fans across the region.

Last year’s winner, Esther Nabaasa from Uganda, is currently finalizing on the release of two singles with a full album to follow soon.

To qualify for the show, applicants must be fluent in English besides having a passion and talent for singing.

Application forms detailing eligibility criteria can be obtained from various retail and entertainment outlets across the region and will also be available at the audition venues.
About Tusker Project Fame

 Tusker Project Fame, East Africa’s first ever locally produced reality television show, has been described as a marriage between voyeuristic Big Brother and musical phenomenon Idols, with a thrilling dose of survivor-style voting. The program seeks to discover raw, untapped musical talent in East Africa that can be groomed to stardom, through a series of regional auditions. The chosen contestants are then enrolled into the Tusker Academy where they are given expert training in every aspect of the music business – from performance and song writing to behind-the-scenes preparation and a personal advisor. More than just a talent competition, Tusker Project Fame allows viewers a unique opportunity to follow, day by day, the behind the scenes progress of the chosen contestants as they are groomed for success. The outcomes of the later stages of this competition are determined by public voting by sms – contestants are eliminated on a weekly basis with the lucky winner walking away with cash prizes and a recording contract from Gallo records of South Africa.


  • larisa


  • muriithi

    Judges, b4 putting Nganga and Alpha on probation you should have asked yourselves "given a live show ticket of your choice whose among the contestants shows would you attend?be careful next time we need a singer and more so an entertainer

  • pat

    thanks for the project,i love it so much.however ive one question for you please.how can i vote from the net please??????? thanks

  • agasha

    alpha and caroline were really a wrong choice you guys should style up

  • nandy

    ope the promoters watched todays show..if yes proove to us that the show is all about talents…not sure but rumours has it that the winner was chosen even b4 the show had started…we uv EABL…

  • nandy

    ope the promoters watched todays show..if yes proove to us that the show is all about talents…not sure but rumours has it that the winner was chosen even b4 the show had started…we uv EABL…

  • Telly

    Alpha rocks. Culture(colture)is the name of the game. He is a symbol of a sobber mind.Alpha you rock!!!!!!

    Debarl shudnt have gone home. But you can not kill a talent in a man. Debarl keep on keeping on

  • Roy gitonga

    1 Million Votes for Alpha to Win Tusker Project Fame 3

  • uwera Nancy

    Juliana we like the way u judge the contestants we relly appriciate keep on!!Alpha we are behind u worry not this year ur number one Patricia many thanks girl ur number tuo

  • shiro

    Alpha ,u've got a great voice.

    Be thankful to your creator and dedicate that coice to him !

  • jane kiptoo

    i like tursker project fame, i vote for alpha, because he is a singer and he sings the songs which has real meaning and it heals the nations in the all world, and i thing he has a vision.

  • Louisa

    Nganga is the wild card in this competition he might WIN look at what happened with CAN YOU DANCE winners. GO NGANGA

  • fridah

    wow quite entertaining.without being biased iknow Alpha can make to be a great star. The theme of his songs shows how Alpha is independent minded in his composition and that means the same applies to his living style,like that,Bravo!a WONDERFUL CHARACTER TRAIT.
    Ng'ang'a its good that you took judge Ian's criticism positively you are an all round star(performance+singing)congrats.

  • lilian

    Alpha ur the guy!Everyone vote alpha.


    i like tursker projece fame, i wish alpha the best of luck to win because he deserve it

  • lucy

    Alpha ur way of responce to questions is commendable. it is nice to be important but it is important to be wise.keep it up n God bless u

  • jess wasike

    i biliv kenyans should stop being tribal,my votes on alpha.

  • kimson

    Alpha the top prize is urs,4 debarl u still remain my best,men u ve got the talent



  • ismail

    alpha u r still alpha as no.1

  • Lucy Tash

    Alpha is a star of his own and i believe that he'll go places, he has a great voice and is keen on what he says. For once someone who has a mazive talent has won. Thumbs up for ALPHA……….

  • ben mugambi

    I love tusker project fame and am anxious of the next years hope it will be nice,i love the judges especially Ian with his comments.

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