Skin care in cold weather

It is particularly important to adopt a different approach towards your skin during the cold weather  to protect and prevent dryness and irritation due to weather, which takes a toll on skin, resulting in dryness and cracking on hands and feet, and deepening of lines and wrinkles on the face. Low humidity affects the skin on the face and body, resulting in feelings of extreme dryness, irritation and itchiness, leading to inflammation and conditions such as eczema. Following is some skin care advice to help you through the cold weather

Untitled_6_891210751.jpg1. Use more topical moisturizing skin care products. Even people with oily skin might experience tightness and dehydration, especially if an alcohol-based product was used during the summer. Use a good, nourishing cream on both the face and body to combat the harsh, cold winds and protect against moisture loss from the dry winter air. Avoid alcohol-based products for the skin and hair since they cause extreme dryness.

2. Protect your hands by using gloves to wash dishes and use a heavy hand cream after the chore. Use softeners in laundry soaps to prevent your clothing from becoming too dry—it will cause itchiness against the skin.

3. When participating in outdoor activities, such as jogging or walking it is important to bundle up, but preferably in layers to avoid excess sweat and overheating that can lead to skin irritation. Remember to use a sunscreen containing an SPF 15 or higher

4. Avoid taking hot baths, sitting in saunas and using hot water to wash the face and body. Use showers with warm water instead. Overbathing can lead to extreme dryness and itchiness. After a bath, pat skin dry and apply an emollient moisturizer onto slightly damp skin to trap in moisture. Use lip cream or lip balm that leaves a protective layer to keep lips from cracking. Lipstick containing emollient ingredients, such as petroleum jelly, is a must in the winter, and use one containing a sunscreen if you are going to be outside for several hours. Avoid licking the lips, since this habit tends to dry them.


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