Sedu Hairstyle Is The In-Thing

beyonce_straight_2_162209088.jpgCelebrities like Beyoncé have made the Sedu look famous. You can look like a celebrity too with your long hair or weaved in human hair. Using the correct flat iron and straightening gel, is the perfect combination to get that sleek, smooth look.  

A Sedu hairstyle refers to the needle straight type hairdo that is so popular right now. Sedu comes from the word seductive, clearly referring to the impression given off by the hairstyle. Out and about, girls the world over are following this major trend in hairstyling in droves.

So how do you get a Sedu look? The ultra-straight look may seem expensive, but actually, anyone can get a Sedu look, the secret being the use of a quality flat iron, effective in getting the needle straight look. When shopping for a suitable flat iron, look for those made from ceramic as they create a healthier shine. This is because ceramic flat irons neutralize the positive ions in your hair and seal moisture and oils into the hair cuticle, resulting in that expensive-looking perfect silky finish.




sedu_hair_iron_959707404.jpgIn choosing the right flat iron for you, it is best to get the kind that has flexible adjustable temperature settings so that you can choose a temperature best suited to your hair type, in order to achieve the pin straight look. An iron capable of delivering high heat may be important, for those hair types that are curlier, thicker and coarser, as they will be harder to iron out than thin or slightly wavy hair.



Also remember that an expert hairdresser could do a better job at giving you the right hair style, to complement the Sedu, based on your individual hair type and face shape.





Before using the flat iron to straighten out your hair, make sure that your hair has been well shampooed and conditioned. You may add a straightening gel or leave-in hair spray, to enhance your hair’s conditioning.


sedu_hairstyle1_860556960.jpgPlease also make sure that your hair is completely dry. Using the iron on damp hair may not only damage your hair, but it will also make it more difficult to achieve the Sedu –hair isn’t like a cotton shirt, and moisture will not help steam the creases out! Finally, comb your hair to reduce tangles and kinks or simply blow dry it, so that the straightening process is easier.

Make sure that the temperature of the flat iron is set to that which is ideal for your hair type: low for light hair, medium for normal or curlier hair, and high for thick, shaggy hair.

When ironing your hair, it is best to work with small parts of your hair at a time. Do not rush, as
you want to achieve a good effect evenly across your head. Working with small area at a time also minimizes the risk that you might deliver too much heat to a section of hair. To get a sleeker, super straight finish, touch up those areas that need to be ironed out even more.

Once finished, add serum for and ultra silky shine, and to keep the hair straightened for a longer period of time.

The Sedu hairstyle is great for both formal occasions or casual. Keep your hair down for a flirty, fun look or put it up using a jeweled barrette for more formal occasions. Your ‘Pocahontas’ flowing look will compliment you whether in jeans or that stunning little black dress on your way to a hot date!




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