It’s Not What You Handle…It’s How You Handle It!!

Understand the type of bag you carry, and handle it in style.                   

Those days when Hand bags were meant to be carried only on the shoulders are way gone. With the height of fashion, we now have different bags for different occasions and fancy ways to carry them!

bag2_865863349.jpg    bag22_389956162.jpg

Big bag with small handles- This type of bag is simply hung on your arm or held on your hand, right up to your elbow. This is to show off the bag coz when you hang it on your shoulder, it will look squeezed and your hands will cover the bag. 

bag4_278908077.jpgBig bag with long handle- Most of these bags tend to be shopping bags or beach bags where one needs to carry them for the sake of carrying a lot of stuff thus the need for the space in it. In this case, it’s best carrying it on your shoulder to reduce the weight on you.

Small bag with long handles- you can have your bag hung on your shoulder or even sling it bag5_382695443.jpgacross for a more updated trend and a more visible flaunt!








bag6_102826486.jpgSmall bag with small handles- This is the type you just hold the handle around your fingers and let it flow with your swing.


Clutch bag- The name says it all, just grab it with your hands and hold around it. Most of the clutch bags are normally small enough to fit your grip or just to hold from the top or the side of it!bag8_784538437.jpg





Fashion NO-NOs:

bag7_731902829.jpg* Avoid carrying printed bags while wearing printed clothes. This makes you look way ‘busy’ and overdressed. Try a plain colored bag with a printed outfit and vice versa.

* It’s IN to match your bag with your shoes, but if not possible, try a contrast color in your outfit.

*NEVER even TRY to match clothes with different hues of the same colour!!! Not only is this very unpleasant to the eye –it’s TOTALLY uncool! If you can’t get an exact match, break it with another colour and it will sure look amazing!


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