Roncliffe, Q-fm host is a furious man

Nyota_Ndogo_929859929.jpgPopular Q-Fm’s radio presenter Roncliffe Odit is a furious man after learning that his “girlfriend”, Nyota Ndogo is seeing another man.

The hosts of the morning show Sabalkheri said that he won’t allow any man to come close to the love of his life.

Nyota Ndogo, however, has evidently dispelled the rumours that she dating a Tanzanian man… and says that she isn’t dating Odit either! She has downplayed his role, stating that the presenter is a mere friend, before admitting that she considers him “more than a friend but less than a boyfriend.”

Rumour has it that Odit sponsored Nyota Ndogo’s show, held in Kitengela a few weeks ago.


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