An Upcoming Wedding


“Love is blind, but marriage restores its sight.”

Georg C. Lichtenberg


“I hate weddings,” I said emphatically, as we arrived in Jill’s room, and threw myself on her bed.

This gathering of people brings about an unpleasant nostalgia that I would rather it stayed in the past.

My eager friend Jill, on the other hand, has the word marriage boldly stamped on her forehead. She has made it her hobby to attend as many weddings as possible in any given month. I honestly believe she needs a place on Dr. Chris Hart’s therapy couch. Could she be longing to belong to the married club, even through proxy? Silently but fervently I pray that she doesn’t get carried away, one of these days, and find an innocent man who is just being nice to her (or even worse, as desperate man as herself) clobber him over the head and drag him by his ears down the aisle to her own marriage ceremony.

 “Why don’t you ask Amos to accompany you to the wedding?” Jill asked, interrupting my usual daydreaming sessions.

“Uhh…” I startled at Jill’s remarks.african5_234935342.jpg

Amos is a good friend of Jill’s whom she has so far unsuccessfully tried to hook me up with. Not that I have nothing against blind dates, but her taste and preferences are almost completely opposite to mine. Jill’s fantasy men are…um…how do I put this. Men with bulging muscles such as the clothes on their back threaten to rip any moment. (I just don’t understand the ‘bulging muscles’ craze that so many girls have). Jill has dated countless of men who could actually give Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money in the muscle department.

“Well, what do you say?” Jill probed at me further.

“I’ll think about it. Besides, I have a few projects that are way overdue. I’ll be working that day.” I quipped.

The truth is, for the past few months I have not been on a single date. Am I just too picky? Is there truly anything like The One? ‘I need to figure out and understand men,’ I mused, as I watched Jill try out different outfits. She was like a joyful little teenage girl getting ready for her first date!

“Why are men such a difficult species to fathom?” I wondered aloud, puzzled.


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