Lady Jay Dee

lady_jay_dee_702816984.jpgLADY JAY DEE “Queen of Bongo Flava” has been married for 6 years  to Clouds FM Drive Time host, Gardner Habash and the couple has no children. They have therefore been the topic of several tabloids in Tanzania who have questioned her childlessness, insinuating that the star is barren.

“I know you have always questioned this, those with bad intentions towards me. It’s not like I will be happier if I give birth and I know some of you will even be happier if I don’t ever have a child of my own. I will give you the answer when you define for me the word ‘barren’, the way you call me. For I still don’t know when I will give birth. When you give me an answer to my question is when I will give birth”. She blogged in response.

“You want me to deliver? When and why? I’m not God and I want you to ask Him, as He is the creator of everything.” She concluded.