Point Blank wins the Kenyan Leg of Emcee Africa II

Emcee_2__2_resized_969128033.jpgMC Point Blank  won the viciously contested Kenyan leg of Emcee Africa 2 competition that took place on Saturday 6th June at Club Clique. Point Blank has earned himself not only the bragging rights as the tightest MC in Kenya in 2009, but will represent Kenya at the Finals of Emcee Africa 2 in July where he will go against the finalists of Botswana, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.


By 9am on Saturday morning over 50 MCs flocked to Baricho Road to register for the competition. The judges Mwafrika, Doobiz and Nazizi went through each one of them giving them an option of showcasing their free styling or doing a written song. From that showcase the judges had to find 10 MCs who had what it took to represent Kenya at the finals of Emcee Africa just as Big Mic did last year.


The top 10 MCs consisted a list of A class Kenyan rappers from various backgrounds namely Point Blank, Long Jon, Lethal Dynamic, Oluchina, Kaligraph, Kip, Kimya, Bizzle, O.D and a phenomenal female MC called Xtatic. At first the battle seemed to favour the tongue twisting wordsmith Lethal Dynamic who emerged second in the first Emcee Africa. He was two steps away from being the winner last year.


Sponsored by MI Phone, Emcee Africa seeks to find who in Africa can command an audience charismatically. This year the competition went further to add an element of songwriting and speed with ‘Who Run It’. During the songwriting section of the event MCs were given a selection of beats to which they would create songs. It was during the ‘Who Run It’ section that things got heated up with MCs going for each other’s necks.  




On songwriting – Kimya, Kaligraph, Lethal Dynamic, Long Jon’ and Oluchina impressed the judges. Point Blank fell short during that part but came back to reclaim his mantle as a freestyle MC. One by one they started to fall first it was Xtatic who had throat problems then out went Bizzle, then Oluchina, then Kip then O.D. Leaving the judges with five dope MCs who were hard to judges. 




Long Jon’ rhymed too deep for the crowd to applause, Lethal Dynamic stuttered leaving the judges with Kaligraph, Point Blank and Kimya. Kimya fell off due to crowd participation, Kaligraph choked leaving the microphone in the hand of Point Blank. Point Blank a WAPI board member says that he owes his stage confidence to the never ending practice at WAPI every other month.


Catch this programme on Channel O every Sunday evening at 7pm (CET).



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