Local Celebs the latest Victims of Hijacking upsurge

LAST WEEK was not a pleasant one for some of the local celebs. With rising incidents of hijackings in the country, the celebs are the latest victims. Last week saw Code RED DJs CEO and Debbie Asila being targeted. 


Debbie, a presenter at Kiss 100, was robbed at gun point as she waited for the gates to be opened at her Upper hill home. The incident occurred at 10pm, as she returned from a quick trip to Gallitos, a fast food restaurant in town, to get some snacks.


Thanks to the watchmen’s quick response, the gunmen only got away with some loose change and both her cellphones.


stylez_217210574.jpgIt was a little different for Code RED manager, DJ Stylez. It seems he was the victim of a random call last Wednesday, in which he was informed that the callers had kidnapped someone and that they wanted a ransom to be dropped at the Code RED office premises.


This so shocked the DJ that he called the Kasarani police station to help in securing the compound.


What was puzzling about this incident was that neither Dj Stylez nor Code RED had any link to the said kidnapping –do even kidnappers look out for convenient places to make pick ups and drops?! The midday incident spooked the usually sunny-natured DJ to the extent that he called his family and they retired to his mother’s home for the rest of the day. Poor baby!

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