The Koroga Festival

The Koroga Festival brought to you by Capital FM


Performances by :

Blinky Bill – Kenya

Big NUZ – South Africa

Harmonize – Tanzania

DJ :

DJ Stretch

DJ Adrian

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  • I totally Agree with you, because whenever UK talks he refers to KIKUYUS and people from central province as "MY" people!!!! What about the rest of Kenya? This UK is too much drunk of Tribal Politics and Ethnicity that was introduced in Kenya by his Late Father Mzee JK. Only Ocampo will correct the mess in his head, only ICC will teach him that Kenya is ONE house, one nation, one people and we are not owned by his overly developed political super egoism. 

  • Iam not sure which part of central you are from,but i can tell you that you need to see some light....."nataka kuongea na waluo na waluhya",you remember that speech by Raila,Uhuru park 2007?... post election killing 2007, interview hosted by BBC,'this is nothing it is like a fight between Chelsea and Man U,you remember that interview.....Most of our tribes are united more than never,and that is what happened in Kamukunji....you have not seen anything yet days of vitendawili is gone and Kenyans are smarter today than yesterday....that kikuyuforchange to me it sound like YK92

  • You cannot have your cake and eat it.You are the convenor for kik'uyu for change instead of advocating kenyans for change. By saying we come together in c.kenya we are just trying to catch up with the rest of what other regions in kenya have  already done.No  critics like yourself has ever written an artical to critisize others who are enthroned directly without any contest. UK has suggested  to MK and PK and any other would be aspirant  to come together and contest who among them should lead us to negotiations with others leaders from other regions regarding who among them should run as president.I wish you well with your tribal grouping.You should not see the presidency as a kikuyu contest versus other communities.It is a leader with the majority of votes cast irrespective of tribal affliations, who will  be our president plus other conditions as per our new constitution.If whatever we stand for is aganaist any kenyan laws, then intead of your empty rhetoricking you should seek redress in courts of law to streamline the process

  • Ati kikuyus for change which change and which kikuyus are you talking about. Go look for a real job man.

  • Well said Wambugu! Tribal alienation will not get Kenya anywhere but create more animosity from the other 40+ tribes.
    Bravo to KikuyusforChange...KenyanswantChange!

  • I am descended from Central Kenya where my father, mother and my fore fathers were born meaning that I am a Kikuyu. What upsets me the most is that I am expected to be one of Uhuru's "MY PEOPLE" yet his ideals & associations do not appeal to me. I am supposed to blindly follow and accept the endorsement by a cabal of elderly Kikuyu men that he is the only one that can unite the community. But the question is unite the Kikuyu against who??

    To me UK epitomizes what the rest of the country has always thought about Kikuyu's as being too self important and arrogant and believing rather naively that if united as a community they can make a president by sheer force of numbers. 

    The fact is that no one from any community can hope to be a president of Kenya today without a nationalistic appeal and once again UK, his handlers and some within the Kikuyu community have got it wrong and forced the Kikuyu to unite against the rest of Kenya.......in a no win contest!!

  • I agree on the point of perceptions, and currently it is perceived that Kikuyus will NEVER vote for any other person apart from a Kikuyu, and this is backed by EVIDENCE, hard evidence since 1992. This has cemented in other regions, including the new found KKK/G7 alliance members from Kalenjin, that eventually Uhuru and his people, will want the rest of the KKK to support a Kikuyu. This is what I think Mr. Wambugu is saying. Kikuyus have a right to back "their" own, all the time....but in doing so, they are creating more evidence that they don't care about the rest of the country, selfish etc. Other perceptions that are rife about Kikuyus include the higher percentage of Kikuyus working in the Public sector. Hence, instead of bashing Wambugu, lets look inwards, and see how we can kill those perceptions. Otherwise, I see a trend in future, where other communities will continue to hate us based on this, and we will be alienated from the rest of the country, and left to do our own things ourselves which will not help the country, but simply cement all the hatred against us, our businesses, genuine work etc.

  • Why should we engage Raila Odinga in particular but not others? After all, the latest opinion poll shows he has only 26% support. Uhuru with 23% is more or less tied and he has not even began campaigning. There is nothing special about Raila that Kikuyus MUST engage him.
      You are really just a hired gun to propagate Raila propaganda and you will fail. We KNOW WHO Raila is ever since 41 against 1 and no amount of clever posturing and lies will change that. That 41 against 1 chain will hang around Raila's neck like a 50kg chain forever UNLESS he apologizes to Kikuyus GENUINELY and REMORSEFULLY and expresses SINCERE REGRET, otherwise he can forget it. Otherwise you are just pissing in the wind before a storm into your face; so pathetic. Kikuyus for change indeed. 

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