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  1. Come on Mills, how soon do you forget defending Karen to biggie when Vimbai and Vina picked on her, how soon do you forget talking to her and encouraging her to keep being real, how can you then turn back and make such comments about them? You think you are a role model? you think Sharon O is a role model? like seriously? BBA is not a show to create role models or show us who is morally upright, so please sell your bad press to someone else. truth be told, none of the guys in that house displayed good morals 100% all of the time, Karen and Luclay just happen to have big and bold personalities so it was obvious. all of you gossiped to the hills, drank like fishes, swore daily, flirted and fought over men,back-stabbed each other, tried to pitch people against each other, lied to each other, took sides against each other, the list is endless. so don’t even go there! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Role models indeed!

  2. It is now that you know Karen stings, it is just unfortunate that you did not achieve your aim in faking Luclay. Have you seen how you lost ? The first one, Africa forgives you and sent you to Tailshouse yet you did not learnt your lesson. Even now you still have the got to talk, please shut your mouth shut and face the reality of your situation.

  3. What a Shame! Congratulations Mr and Mrs OTONO you deserve all the cash you are getting on Sunday, because you worked hard for it. Go hang Millie – because no matter how many votes you are trying to gather for Sharon O this will not turn us against the OTONOS

  4. this millie is so silly and sick ,how dare u call fellow lady that she stinks,i pity u coz u hav just show africa how terrible your heart is.anyway shaa ,if you like go hang urself wat we know is that come sunday our dear karen will be the winner .foolish milli

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